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Erotic massage bucharest prices october 2017

Our services are very requested and also they depend on appointment. For regular customers not emergencies, on our salon prices are as above:

  • Topless,  60 min, one maseusse ->massage price 50 euro or 220 ron
  • Nude, 60 min, one maseusse ->price for massage 60 euro or 250 ron.
  • Topless, 60 min, 2 maseusses ->erotic massage price 90 euro or 400 ron.
  • Nude, 60 min, 2 maseusses ->massage erotic price 110 euro or 500 ron

We offer yoni massage (women massage), internal or external, so the prices for these services are:

Woman massage prices for yoni:
  • 1.5 h: 300 lei/70Euro with external yoni
  • 2.00h 350 lei/80Euro with external yoni
  • 1.5h 350 lei/80Euro with internal yoni
  • 2.00h 400 lei/90Euro with internal yoni

We also want you to know that after midnight (24:00) there will be an additional fee of 10Euro/50lei . Thank you very much for understanding!

Keep in mind that the most accurate prices for erotic massage are available only by phone! Obviously these prices will not be much greater but we put them here in order to make an idea about our services and regular prices.

Please be kind and understand that after midnight there will be an additional fee of 10Euro/50lei (after 24:00 hour). Thank you for understanding!

Feel free to call us in order to book an appointment!

You can find us by phone +40 788 778 660 or email


83-85 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest
Near Hilton & Radisson Hotels
+4 0788 778 660


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