Bucharest Massage "Oriental"

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Types of Massage

1. A unique type of massage that combines Swedish hand maneuvers and Oriental spiritual techniques meant for complete relaxation of body, mind and spirit.

2. Taoist massage:
We are delighted to offer you a special Chinese massage, for you to enjoy undiscovered states. A very special massage.


5. Angel Thai massage:
This massage is based completely on soft, refined and tender energies that fulfills your heart.

6. Ayurveda massage, a real indian relaxing massage. This massage is according to your predominant character: vata, pitha, kapha. It is based on relaxing techniques meant to clear the energy channels of the body.

  • Massage is art. Massage is joy and self-knowledge.If you want to escape the ordinary busy city life we invite you to dive into an ocean of stillness. Our sanctuary is full of fresh energy to boost you up. Let go of everything you ever knew about yourself and be ready to explore your inner universe through massage. Take a deep breath. Relax. Close your eyes. Are you ready?
- An unbelievable journey    
Why you should try the Bucharest massage
We offer professional Bucharest massage, better than anything
To state that Tao Bucharest massage is better than anything requires solid proof. Oriental massages are great because they are geared towards the body. Also massages are excellent because they enable the client to improve his energy skills. Oriental massage provide humans with power. Such a massage relieves all the pressure that men might feel after a long day spent during various tedious tasks at work and the fact that the massage improves breathing is an added attraction. By improving breathing, oriental massages ensure that the body enjoys an enhanced distribution of energy. Oriental massages enable the body and mind to relax better than sport does. This massages are similar to other types of massages in this regard, because generally, massage should enable the body and mind to enjoy improved relaxation. In addition to this, our massages leave the body relieved of all physical ailments it might be experiencing. The massages enable the disappearance of all emotional pain that one might be feeling, so many recipients of this type of massage have stated that they felt better emotionally, and benefited from increased energy levels afterwards. Many say that they felt more alert after each massage session. Therefore, the fact that oriental massages improve breathing, while relaxing the body and mind makes them better than sport. To enjoy the full benefits of massage, you should learn the techniques, and if the techniques are proving a bit too complex to grasp fully, try a professional massage therapist. Always keep in mind that the massage is all about improving and refining energy. This type of massage is all about improving your body and soul, so feel free to search for massage Bucharest and call us by phone!
The oriental massage - a creative act
The massage as one of the most pleasant manners to spend some free hours is a time for increasing the knowledge, also. Its benefits are so many, that its utility surprises the ones who try it for the first time. Besides lots of benefits that the massage salons brings along, its form of expression is divers and very complex. And in its complexity, the massage gives space for creativity, for being spontaneous, for ingenuity. All of these have to do with the manner this type of massage takes place. Even the creativity included in the process of the Bucharest massage can be judged as one of its benefits. Being creative always brings an extra delight and uniqueness for an action meant to distress and increase the welfare. This is due to the way the masseuse completes her job and it is about her skills and ability. She can use her imagination in realizing the massage in a lot of forms; from the way she approaches, to the way she feels she must realize the moves and to the way she combines all the techniques she feels are the most necessary at the moment. How does creativity manifests in massage All kinds of massages respect some certain fundamentals and some principles, but, in the same time, all the massages are, a very good occasion to express personal understanding of art and therapy. It is like something unique, personal note in a well-established process with known benefits. The way and the manner the process is realized and completed just combines with the specific notes any masseuse is ready to bring in. And, because of this, every massage can differ from the previous one. Even the maneuvers and the techniques which we may call standard in a massage can be performed in very specific manners, according to the masseuse’s performance. The strength with which she presses, the accent put on certain moves or techniques, all these depend on the masseuse that realizes the massage. Other peculiarities that determine the creativity Of course that being a creative act, the massage combines many other aspects which give ingenuity, specificity and spontaneity to it. We also call the Bucharest massage a creative act for the concrete things that happen there, for the energies created in a delicate labor and for the sensation of creativity when all those phases succeed. We speak about creating the energies in massage because this is what happens, new and fresh energies being generated by the sagacity of the therapist.