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Oriental Erotic Massage in Bucharest

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Types of Massage

1. Oriental erotic massage: A unique type of massage that combines sensual maneuvers, body to body touches, and oriental techniques meant for complete relaxation of body and mind.

2. Taoist erotic massage: We are delighted to offer you a special massage, using all the parts of the body, for you to enjoy undiscovered states and sensations.

3. Lingam massage: The purpose of the lingam massage is to completely relax the sexual area and distribute the pleasure through your entire body.

4. Testicles massage: This type of massage allows you to experience your receptive side and is meant to release emotional stresses and feel pleasure and joy.


5. Angel touch massage: This massage is based completely on soft, refined and tender caresses that pleasure all your body and fulfills your heart.

6. Ayurveda- a real indian relaxing massage: This massage is according to your predominant character: vata, pitha, kapha. It is based on relaxing techniques ment to clear the energy channels of the body.

7. Massage for women: One of the most elegant way to interact woman to woman. Women have touch needs that only a woman can empathize with.

8. Erotic massage for couples: A wonderful opportunity for couples, interested in exploring new sensations and a refined way to refresh the erotic game.

  • Massage is art. Massage is tenderness. Massage is beauty revealed. Massage is joy and self-knowledge.If you want to escape the ordinary busy city life we invite you to dive into an ocean of stillness and passion by enchanting all your five senses with voluptuousness and sophistication. Our sanctuary is full of fresh energy to boost you up. Our delightful masseuses are very friendly, charming, professional and young ladies that can unravel for you the mysteries of Tantra erotic massage. Don't think. Don't judge. Let go of everything you ever knew about yourself and be ready to explore your inner universe through massage. Take a deep breath. Relax. Close your eyes. Are you ready?
- An unbelievable journey    

We offer professional erotic massage in Bucharest, better than sex

Sex is good. In fact, sex is pleasurable and has such an effect on the body that no other activity can dream of having. Sex improves moods. Sex is a stress reliever. Therefore, to state that Tantra and Tao erotic massage is better than sex requires solid proof. Tantric massages are great because they are geared towards the sensual and they arouse the body sensually. Also massages are excellent because they enable the client to improve his lovemaking skills. Tantric massage is more popular with men because of the control it gives them in ejaculation. The tantric massage ensures that the man and woman are able to enjoy a more deeply satisfying sexual experience.   Tantric massages provide men with staying power, which is very important during sexual intercourse. When making love, the man ought to have staying power and not explode inside the woman immediately he enters her. Men receive tips on how to use their sexuality to satisfy their partners better and tantric massages ensure that men are more focused than ever before. Such a massage relieves all the pressure that men might feel after a long day spent during various tedious tasks at work and the fact that the massage improves breathing is an added attraction. By improving breathing, tantric massages ensure that the body enjoys an enhanced distribution of energy.   Tantra erotic massages enable the body and mind to relax better than sex does. Tantra massages are similar to other types of massages in this regard, because generally, massage should enable the body and mind to enjoy improved relaxation. In addition to this, tantric massages leave the body relieved of all physical ailments it might be experiencing. The massages enable the disappearance of all emotional pain that one might be feeling, so many recipients of this type of massage have stated that they felt better emotionally, and benefited from increased energy levels afterwards. Many say that they felt more alert after each massage session. Sex does not create sexual arousal, sexual arousal creates the environment through which sex can take place. Therefore, when a couple feel that their sexual life is suffering, one way of getting it back on track would be to undergo Tantra massage. Lovers can learn the Tantra massage techniques and apply these on each other and the result would be more intense lovemaking sessions between the two. However, this is not to say that when received from a professional massage therapist, tantric techniques would not lead to sexual arousal, but as long as the person offering the massage knows what is doing, it shall always lead to relaxation. Therefore, the fact that tantric massages improve breathing, while relaxing the body and mind makes them better than sex. The fact that tantric massages are very good at creating or increasing sexual arousal makes them better than sex, at least in this regard. To enjoy the full benefits of Tantra erotic massages, you should learn the techniques, and if the techniques are proving a bit too complex to grasp fully, try a professional tantra massage therapist. Always keep in mind that the Tantra massage is all about improving and refining sexual energy, not losing it. This type of massage is all about improving your body and soul, so feel free to search for erotic massage bucharest and call us by phone!