Tantra massage – the search for a state of plenitude

In a world in perpetual motion, where society is becoming more and more anxiety-provoking, more and more people are seeking well-being and personal development through multiple relaxation techniques. And there is yoga, breathing techniques, Reiki, reflexology, baths and of course massages. Massages are of different types, ranging from relaxation and muscle stimulation to Shiatsu, hot stone massage to Ayurvedic massage and more.


And there is also Tantra massage… Tantra massage is not a sexual massage but a sensual massage where no part of the body is taboo. No gesture, however, is a mandatory passage, the professional masseuse assessing the receptivity of the client to determine his or her expectations. This means that no massage is the same, it will always be a reflection of its own sensuality.

Tantra massage is a practice that allows you to feel better in and with your body, to stimulate the awakening of the senses and is beneficial for sexuality and general well-being, whether for pleasure or more specifically therapeutic. Touch… one of the five senses we use less and less, while it is essential.

We do not touch each other anymore, we barely kiss each other, we do not even say hello. One of the purposes of Tantra massage is to reconnect with yourself, to put the sexual energies at the center of attention.

A Tantra massage salon welcomes you in a friendly way and invites you to relaxation. The music, the light and the delicious scents of essential oils invites the spirit to travel and offer a promise of peace and an invitation to nirvana.  Tantra massage is not only for men. Women can also benefit from a Tantra massage to restore the balance between Yin and Yang.

Professional therapists specialized in the art of Tantra massage will take you into a world of senses, full of relaxation, delight, body and spiritual delights through their capable hands.  Unlike other massage techniques, Tantra massage does not have fixed standards, the movements and the touches are free. At the same time sensual, enveloping and energizing, the Tantra massage consists in great movements of connections between all the parts of the body and touches on the 7 chakras, points of energy.

Tantra massage makes you vibrate.

The movements of kneading, light pressure, and especially effleurage are soft and slow, so much so that it is difficult to follow them mentally. The masseuse’s hands gently slip all over your body. The idea is to introduce into the body a thrill, a vibration, which makes any thought difficult. The masseuse’s hand can rest for a while on the chakra of the heart, which acts on the distribution of energies and the connection of the heart to the sacred. It is the door of the soul. The oils spread their warmth over the entire body surface, extended by delicate, subtle hands that follow a precise path to stimulate and harmonize the chakras.

A gentle massage that is more and more sensual: subtle breaths awaken the senses, it is an invitation to let go. The pleasure rises crescendo and the stress of the beginning is gone, the body is exhilarated and the looks express the desire. Eroticism with the only energy of the body, no more thought, only the desire to remain in this state of fullness, of plenitude. Trying a Tantra massage is equal to adopting it.

A unique moment to refocus on oneself, savor the present moment and above all, to learn to develop your own sensuality.