Awaken your libido with Tantra Massage


Tantra brings together the body and the mind, through the exploration of the senses

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual stream, a philosophy of life, which tends to unite the body and the mind. Tantra consists in a set of rituals, but also texts, whose purpose is to reach a state of total awakening, to find the desire and the joy of living, through the exploration of the senses.

Why does a massage session feel so good?

The effects of massage on the body are the result of complex physiological processes that are all controlled by the central nervous system. The massage has an action on the receptors of the nervous mechanisms found in the different layers of the skin, in the muscles and the tendons, which are in connection with the central nervous and vegetative systems.

The massage stimulates these receptors and triggers nerve impulses: they are transmitted to the large cerebral hemispheres which treat them and generate physiological changes as well as the secretion of substances at the origin of the sensations of relaxation, pleasure etc….

Tantra massage is a sensual massage

Tantra massage is a great way to better know your body and boost your libido. An intense experience, beneficial for oneself, as well as for couples.

During the Tantra massage session, all parts of the body are massaged and especially the erogenous zones. Professional therapists will help you learn to channel the excitement, the sexual energy, and also will help you learn how to control it. There is no question of letting go under the expert fingers of the masseuse! Tantra massage offers a full knowledge of the body and the methods of control of the body. Tantra massage can also have a pedagogical or therapeutic purpose: to improve one’s sexual performance, to discover and to know better one’s body. Learning to touch and discover new sensations allows for better control and better performance. A good way to regain self-confidence and improve your sexual experience!

Tantra massage helps to develop and regain a libido, relearn to know your body and the desire for sexual pleasure.

The perfect atmosphere for a Tantra massage

Even if the tactile pleasure is a natural sensual massage reaction to a stimulation by the touch, the state of mind, the atmosphere, the intention of the gesture greatly influence the quality of a sensual massage.

To be effective, a Tantra massage session must meet certain conditions, starting with the establishment of a sacred place. Such a place honors the senses. At a professional Tantra massage salon you enter in another world, where your senses are spoiled with lights from candles and fragrances from essential oils like jasmine, rose or white sandalwood. The music will help you relax.

Tantra massage aims at the union of the male and female principles, symbolized by Shiva and Shakti. This massage aims to release the circulation of sexual energy. Sexuality is then more conscious and more fulfilled. The massage is done slowly to allow the emergence of sensations, awaken your libido and the control of the sexual energy.