Ayurveda massage – real deep hindu relaxing massage

Therapeutic  relaxing massage – real  ayurvedic massage
Ayurveda is the hindu traditional medicine also known as ,,the science of life’’. This system was discovered more than 5000 years ago. It is a way of living, of fulfillment and spiritual evolution that covers all the branches of life and of re-balancing the natural health: body, mind and spirit.  One of the Ayurveda branches is massage.
The essential thing to mention about this kind of massage is that the hindu people have studied the human being as a whole, in order to come up with a type of massage corresponding to each and everyone’s personal character traits. This is because they think every person is different and you cannot perform the same massage to everyone and get the same results.

This kind of massage involves the use of oils  based on the 5 elements theory (earth, water, fire, air, ether) and the 3 doshas: vata, pitta, kapha. These 3 doshas (tridoshas) are the subtle components of every living organism. They are made of the 5 elements: vata is made of air, pitta is made of fire and kapha is made from the Earth. Based on the quantity of the elements that exists in a human being, hindu people came up with 3 categories of human characters:
1.Vata dosha: people prevailed by air: they sleep litlle, they walk and talk fast. Their bodies are dry, hair is thin, rare and fragile.Their mind is fluctuous, they have wandering  and unstable feelings and a weak memory. Unexpected and uncertain  behavior is the reason they are associated  with air, wind.
2.Pitta: people prevailed by fire: they have an irritable mood, a lot of knowledge about various areas, they are brave, proud, athletic built, energetic, they have an abundant sweat, soft and greasy hair.
3.Kapha dosha: people prevailed by Earth: these people have a patient and forgiving nature, stable minds,very well built bodies, strong articulations, wide and powerfull chest, they are trusty people, with a tendency towards getting fat.

Ayurvedic massage is performed with deep and profound movements that stimulate the internal energies of the human body, energies that may be blocked in the sacral area or in other areas of the body.
Ayurveda massage has direct effects on the spine, muscular system, articulations, nervous system, circulatory veins and the skeleton system. Also, it stimulates the antibodies production, which helps the immune system become stronger. The use of oil is meant to relax the nervous system.

The main benefits of the Ayurvedic massage are:
1. Removes fatigue.
2. Slows down the aging process and has a direct implication on longevity.
3. Improves eyesight.
4.Streightens the body and the imunitary system.
5. Has good effects on digestion, insomnia, migraines.
6. Soothes backpains.
7. Helps the body achieve a better resistance against disharmony and disease.
8. Rebalances the hormonal system.
9. Benefits in cases of sprains, muscle cramps, tendinitis, limb edemas.
10. Better elimination of  toxins.
11. Has good consequences on the psychological state of mind.
12. Has a tonic effect on  muscles.

NOTE: the length of this type of massage is minimum 1h30 min.