Continent orgasms through tantra massage

Evolution of continent orgasms through tantra massage The first continent orgasms may feel too short and lacking intensity. At the beginning you learn precisely where the point you need to stop is. I advice you learn this before it’s too late and the ejaculation is triggered, and without it being too early and thus, not reaching orgasm. ... More

The Tantric Lingam Massage

The Tantric Lingam Massage – the secret key for a happy life Go beyond your limits A tantric lingam massage is more than a simple regular body massage. It is not an erotic massage with the so-called happy ending. More specifically, it has nothing to do with a mere sexual stimulation in oder to ejaculate. On the contrary, during a tantric ... More

Tantra, sexuality and massage, all about yoga

Different types of yoga, yoga massage and tantra Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years by billions of people, being a spiritual path born and vastly spread in the Orient. Naturally, the system has grown to a tremendous magnitude and complexity, at the same time remaining very clear and well structured for the connaisseur. If, ... More

Health effects of Tantra massage

Tantra massage and medicine Given that modern science is heading more and more to a holistic understanding of the Universe and of man, implicitly, health is no longer only a matter of bacteria and viruses. There are solid scientific proof for the fact that negative emotions affect our immune system. Opposite to this positive ones boost ... More

Tantra massage can help you in leadership and even success

Tantra massage can help you in leadership? The answer is a definitely YES!   The Tantric mechanisms Regular sessions of Tantric massage can train your mind to be clear and effective, your emotions to be positive, yourself to be authentic and your body to be healthy and strong. The power of sexuality Besides boosting our ... More

Effects of Tantra massage on your consciousness

Effects of Tantra massage on your consciousness Generally speaking, consciousness is quite a vague concept, unless we set the context. In order to avoid this and to have a broad and still precise view on the subject, we’ll approach it from 3 different perspectives. These perspectives are: psychological, philosophical and spiritual. ... More


What is yoni massage?

What is yoni massage? Yoni massage is the massage form destined for women. The vagina is called yoni in Sanskrit and it can be translated as “sacred space”. In Tantric philosophy, a woman’s vagina is seen as a place to love and respect, through which the adorer is connected to the universal feminine energy itself. Yoni ... More

Some benefits of the prenatal tantric massage

Some benefits of the prenatal tantric massage In the last 15-20 years, medical research and investigation had proved the benefits of the therapeutic massage in improving overall prenatal health for pregnant women. Prenatal massage has multiple positive effects. It had also shown that massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful ... More

Erotic massage parlor- men only?

Erotic massage parlour- men only? Erotic massage for women, also! During our 12 years erotic massage experience, we can count very few women coming to erotic massage comparing men. It can't be balanced. Women, in their continuous rush to be beautiful, spend their money on clothes, cosmetics, beauty salons, etc. But most of them forget to ... More

Get rid of frustrations with a tantric massage

Get rid of frustrations with a tantric massage Do you feel frustrated? To feel good and relaxed in a world which is giving stressing and frustrating vibes every day, it looks more and more unrealistic. Yet it is not impossible if you try to find the right tools to release the stress and cool down the frustrations. Speaking about ... More