Tantra massage, a spiritual practice, rather than a sexual one

  Tantra massage is a spiritual practice Tantra massage is often associated with sexuality and the famous tantric orgasm is often cited as an example. However, Tantra is above all a philosophical and spiritual approach to better known ourselves and thus give meaning to our experiences. Tantra is a sum of practices that brings ... More

The magic of a Tantra massage

  Tantra is a science, an ancient spiritual practice The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit, the holy language of Hinduism. Tantra is an esoteric practice from thousands of years and teaches us how to enjoy life in its fulness, initiating us also in some very effective sexual techniques. One of the goals that Tantra has is prolon... More

Awaken your libido with Tantra Massage

  Tantra brings together the body and the mind, through the exploration of the senses What is Tantra? Tantra is a spiritual stream, a philosophy of life, which tends to unite the body and the mind. Tantra consists in a set of rituals, but also texts, whose purpose is to reach a state of total awakening, to find the desire and ... More


What is Tantra Massage and what do you know about it?

  Tantra massage awakens sexual energy Tantra massage involves a combination of loving touches that nourish both the body and the senses and, at the same time, awaken the energy of life known as sexual energy. This awakening of the sexual energy through the Tantra massage is always gradual and always directed consciously. Why ... More

Do you know the benefits of Tantra massage?

  At the same time psycho-corporal therapy, energetic care and holistic approach to well-being, Tantra massage always takes place with a respectful touch. Its purpose is to help you balance your relationship with yourself and your emotions, act on your health, stimulate your personal power and awaken your energy potential (Kundalini... More

Tantra massage – Who is recommended for?

  Tantra massage – a sensory experience Tantra massage is a harmonious blend of sweetness and love that connects to the notion of pleasure, reinforces the sensory experience while increasing sensitivity. In this practice, our life energy, which is none other than our sexual energy, is awakened, put into circulation throughout our ... More

Tantra massage – beyond relaxation

  About Tantra - feeling the divine energy Tantra is practiced since thousands of years ago and is linked to the worship of Indian goddesses Shiva and Shakti. Tantra is a philosophy that considers creation to be an act of love. Tantra is basically a type of yoga whose purpose is to feel through the physical body the divine energy ... More

Tantra massage – a transformation path

The science of Tantra Tantra is both an art, a science, a spiritual path, and a lifestyle. It is one of the very advanced spiritual development pathways that is based on the continuous expansion of consciousness. Tantra is the way of life. Tantra fully embraces life and everything she has to offer, so we can really know ourselves and ... More

What is the difference between a hand job and lingam massage?

  Tantra and sexuality The place of sexuality in Tantra is generally misunderstood and, in the minds of many people, is most often oversized. This repels some who imagine Tantra as an ancient practice hidden behind an exotic-spiritual mask. It attracts others, unfortunately not always for good reasons. Self-realization Tan... More

Awaken your senses with Tantra massage

  An oriental philosophy Tantra is a spiritual process attached to Hinduism. It is a philosophical quest that aims at a state of harmony and awakening by practicing sensory introspection. Sexuality is only one of the means used to reach it. Tantra massage is above all a way to raise the sexual energy. Drawn from the wisdom of ... More