Just how practical Tantra is

What is practical Tantra? If you are one of those who aspire to be a continuously better version of yourself, Tantra is the answer for you. Just as biology shows that evolution is the very nature of the universe, psychology has found that self-development is the very nature of man, as a being that is in a continuous pursuit of happiness. ... More

Tantric massage – better than erotic massage

Tantric massage – better than erotic massage The difference The difference between tantric and erotic massage is that the first is much more than the latter. Erotic massage is made up of relaxation maneuvers and sensual body massage. Often times it also involves handjob(s) or... other types of jobs. The difference between this and ... More

Tantric massage, anyone wants to try ?

Anyone wants a tantric massage? A Tantric massage is far more exciting that you think. No matter how many times  you might got a massage, a Tantric massage will always surprise you in a good way for sure! What is Tantric or tantra massage? Tantric massage is an ancient Hindu practice that was specially designed to reconnect our body ... More

Health effects of erotic massage

Erotic massage benefits Many people are unaware of the fact that erotic massage is actually a very effective physical and psychological therapy. Apart from being ecstatically pleasant, authentic erotic massage can utterly improve our health, psychological well-being and quality of life. Physically, its effects on the body can be noticed ... More

Sensual Massage as erotic feelings

Sensual Massage – an ancient medicine for nowadays’ stressful times In the beginning... While studying the ancient sculptures or paintings or reading ancient texts, one can notice that tactile intimate touch among humans has always been something naturally offered and received unconditionally. Be it just an intimate touch or ... More

Better sex and better life: self-efficacy and erotic massage

About self-efficacy regarding erotic massage Perceived self-efficacy is our belief that we can undergo a certain action regardless of the obstacles. It is a psychological dimension that has been intensely sutied in the past years due to the immense influence it has on our behaviour. In medicine it is of great importance because it predicts ... More

Erotic massage performed by women for women

The true purpose of erotic massage It might sound like a gay title, but it is dedicated to women of all orientations. You don’t have to be a lesbian to enjoy erotic massage from a woman, not even bi. The benefits of this woman-to-woman contact are numerous and amazing, and we’ll present them for you here. Women erotic massage is nice and ... More

Sensual massage experiences

Views for different sensual massage expriences Very few experiences are more pleasurable than receiving intimate strokes,and caresses from your beloved one or an experienced masseur. Ever since the moment you are born, you are physically touched and nurtured. In this way you are welcomed and helped to feel warm and safe in an unknown, ... More

Yin and Yang in Tao massage

Yin and Yang in Tao massage principles and views What is yin and yang? We’ve all heard about the yin and yang,but most of us don’t really know what they’re about. It’s some ney-age, yoga, hippie, Indian thingy that some believe in. Once we clarify this, you’ll see that it’s not some voodoo nonesense that you don’t buy (for ... More

How erotic massage can make you even more of a man

How erotic massage can make you even more of a man It is true that not any regular erotic massage salon in Bucharest can, but Tao sure is one of them. We don’t expect anyone to take our word for it! So, besides the feedback from our customers that you can also find on our site, here’s a few arguments. Sexuality Erotic massage ... More