Sexuality in erotic massage

The control of the sexuality in erotic massage During the tantric massage there are specific techniques and modalities through which is obtained the control over the sexual potential. Just as in the tantric doctrine, in the tantric massage is well-recognized the importance of helping the man receiving the massage to maintain the control over ... More

The tantric massage and its beneficial touches

The tantric massage – the equivalent for beneficial touches   The tantric massage can offer more joy and pleasure then other types of massages because it includes various types of massages and because of the particularities of its touches. Certain types of touches go for certain parts of the tantric massage. When the relaxation is ... More


Types of erotic massages and tantric ones

The tantric massage includes different types of erotic massages In these way, by combining different types of massage, the effects are cumulative. The tantric massage offers the fulfillment, the joy and the wellness through many types of effects that occurs. The predominance is of the sensual touch and the erotically arousal made in a ... More

Erotic massage myth and androgyny

Erotic massage and androgyny. From myth to practical understanding The Western myth In Western civilisation we are familiar with the myth of androgyny as it was portrayed by Plato in “The Banquet”, a dialogue on love. Legend says that man’s original form was double, meaning that a human being was in the beginning made of a man and a ... More

The touch – the royal sense in any tantric massage

The touch – the royal sense in any tantric massage Of course, the main sense involved in a massage is the one perceiving the soft, caressing touches of the skin. The delight of the massage is the delight of the body being touched in the most pleasant way. And in the tantric type of massage, the touch is even more pleasant, due to the ... More

Rediscovery of tantra

Tantra rediscovered Redescovery of tantra nowadays In our times the tantric path began a new period of flowery. These times were named by the wise ones as the times of the maximum spiritual decline. It had to be rediscovered by people who have the necessary open-mindness to embrace it as a valuable and beneficial manner of experime... More

Reasons why you should experience a tantric massage

Some reasons why you should experience a tantric massage The art of Tantra has been practiced for over 9,000 years, and is considered an old healing technique. Its origins have been traced back to the Himalayan Mountains in India, where religious leaders believed that sexual ritual was the path to a higher form of ecstasy and liberation. ... More

Continent orgasms through tantra massage

Evolution of continent orgasms through tantra massage The first continent orgasms may feel too short and lacking intensity. At the beginning you learn precisely where the point you need to stop is. I advice you learn this before it’s too late and the ejaculation is triggered, and without it being too early and thus, not reaching orgasm. ... More

The Tantric Lingam Massage

The Tantric Lingam Massage – the secret key for a happy life Go beyond your limits A tantric lingam massage is more than a simple regular body massage. It is not an erotic massage with the so-called happy ending. More specifically, it has nothing to do with a mere sexual stimulation in oder to ejaculate. On the contrary, during a tantric ... More

Tantra, sexuality and massage, all about yoga

Different types of yoga, yoga massage and tantra Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years by billions of people, being a spiritual path born and vastly spread in the Orient. Naturally, the system has grown to a tremendous magnitude and complexity, at the same time remaining very clear and well structured for the connaisseur. If, ... More