Tantra massage – beyond relaxation

  About Tantra - feeling the divine energy Tantra is practiced since thousands of years ago and is linked to the worship of Indian goddesses Shiva and Shakti. Tantra is a philosophy that considers creation to be an act of love. Tantra is basically a type of yoga whose purpose is to feel through the physical body the divine energy ... More

Tantra massage – a transformation path

The science of Tantra Tantra is both an art, a science, a spiritual path, and a lifestyle. It is one of the very advanced spiritual development pathways that is based on the continuous expansion of consciousness. Tantra is the way of life. Tantra fully embraces life and everything she has to offer, so we can really know ourselves and ... More

What is the difference between a hand job and lingam massage?

  Tantra and sexuality The place of sexuality in Tantra is generally misunderstood and, in the minds of many people, is most often oversized. This repels some who imagine Tantra as an ancient practice hidden behind an exotic-spiritual mask. It attracts others, unfortunately not always for good reasons. Self-realization Tan... More

Awaken your senses with Tantra massage

  An oriental philosophy Tantra is a spiritual process attached to Hinduism. It is a philosophical quest that aims at a state of harmony and awakening by practicing sensory introspection. Sexuality is only one of the means used to reach it. Tantra massage is above all a way to raise the sexual energy. Drawn from the wisdom of ... More

The circulation of sexual energy in the body during a tantra massage

  What is Tantra? Tantra dates back to the beginning of time. It is not easy to date its appearance. Tantra is actually a set, a weaving of methods that allow a better flow of energy in our body to achieve more awareness, more softness and relaxation in life. At its origin, Tantra was often called the Yoga of Love. The practice of ... More

Tantra Massage – Surrendering to the Bliss of sexual energy

  How is Tantra a path of transformation? Tantra is a path of transformation because it is a path of expansion of consciousness. There are ways for everyone to get to know each other and try to transform their wounds, but often too much in an intellectual way, especially using the mind. Tantra proposes to experience consciousness ... More

Feel more relaxed with a Tantra massage

    Tantra massage is distinguished by the use of sexual energy for the purpose of accessing a spiritual elevation. The practice of Tantra was born in the Himalayas more than 9000 years ago. Religious leaders then viewed the sexual act as a ritual leading to inner liberation and a higher state of consciousness. Tantra massage ... More

Tantra massage – major benefits

  Massage is what you could define as a procedure through which another person works your muscles just by exerting the right pressure to relieve pain and reduce stress. Tantra massage is quite similar, but unlike traditional massage, it is a rather different experience and involves healing, nudity, intimate parts and often orgasm. ... More

Tantra massage – what love has to do with it?

  Importance of touch Tantra massage is more than just a massage. Tantra develops the art of the relationship with oneself and the other. Tantra massage allows to restore a corporal communication, which could be conflictual between partners. Where speech can be difficult and poor to express feelings or sensations, thanks to Tantra ... More

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The tantra massage – something more than a simple erotic massage

The world of pleasure opens its gates with the well-known massages, but among them, not so well are the tantra massages. Even they can be the leader in this world of pleasant massages, their fame is not as big as of other types of massages. People know well that there are many sorts of massages, one more enchanting than the other, but when ... More