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Tantra massage – the search for a state of plenitude

In a world in perpetual motion, where society is becoming more and more anxiety-provoking, more and more people are seeking well-being and personal development through multiple relaxation techniques. And there is yoga, breathing techniques, Reiki, reflexology, baths and of course massages. Massages are of different types, ranging from ... More

The use of the erotic energy as key for fulfillment in the tantra massage

The tantra massage, along with the erotic one, is the most fulfilling type of massage in this world of pleasure that massages do create. It consists of elements present in other types of massages, also, so it is a very complex one and its complexity leads to many benefits and enchantments. Some of them are specific only to the tantra and the ... More

Tantra massage – introduction to sensory art

For some, Tantra is a lifestyle. Tantra is an art. Tantra is a science. Tantra is a spiritual path to expansion. Tantra massage is a type of sensory experience that awakens the sexual and sensual energy of each of us and help us reach a higher degree of consciousness and self-esteem. When this energy is awakened, its magnetic field gives ... More

The perfect match between the erotic energy and the  spiritual one in the tantra massage

The tantra massage, along with its much simpler form, the erotic massage, is a celebration of beauty, harmony, refined sensuality and blissful experiences. The erotic massage can be considered, in a way, only a part of the tantra massage, it is not as complex as this one. But it shares, just the same, the desire for uplifting the sexual ... More


Tantra massage in Bucharest – a blissful experience

  Among lots of forms of entertainment in Bucharest, there are some that stand off clearly and make quit an impression. In their search for fun, people often choose what they feel fits better with their interests, but, sometimes, new forms of fun, of entertainment or even more then this come along to be experienced. They often ... More

Is the desire to have a tantra massage equal to having sex?

Sexual energy is a powerful force, that when used consciously, can be a great catalyst for spiritual growth and healing on many levels. Tantra massage is a real help to understand and control the sexual energy so that a man can stand firm, feeling secure and full of self-confidence, in his erotic life, his love life, work life and in ... More

  The importance of being open-minded in the erotic and tantra massage

The erotic and tantra massages are special forms of massages which consist of various elements. They are a complex form of relaxation, healing  and more than that. Their elements define them as being the most special form of massages and the one trying them will not regret at all his choice. As well as a lot of benefits that come out of ... More

Steps for a perfect tantric massage in Bucharest

Entering the world of massages may bring joys and delights never met before. And we are not speaking of simple and very common massages, therapeutically or relaxation massages, but we are referring at the best that this world of massages can offer: the tantric massages are the ones that include the biggest variety of sensations and pleasures, ... More

Erotic massages as magnifiers of welfare

The joy and the good estates are something everybody is looking for. Not very hard to find these days, but for good quality and elevated estates, we should look a little bit more around. The erotic massages seem like a good opportunity and a good choice for this, but they are not very well-known yet. For those who had the chance of hearing ... More

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Erotic massage Bucharest – a priority on daily bases

As our society is so fast consuming our time and lives, we do have the responsibility to time out and have a break, out of ordinary. Most of us go to office in the morning, interact with different people, having big weights on our shoulders and coming back from work, eating, sleeping, thinking how to get more money, more projects, how to ... More