Develop creative sexual energy through Yoga Massage


What is yoga?

Yoga  is a mystical subject. It is a native spiritual tradition in India and has a history of over thousands of years. yoga practices are part of the Hindu-Vedic tradition, where sexuality is taken as a whole and involves a long and lasting learning. This demonstrates the interconnectivity of everything that includes yoga practices, meditation, sexual and breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations, sensual massage. The term Tantra is synonymous with sexuality, sacred and spiritual.

yoga massage

By experimenting a yoga massage you become more “complete,” you discover hidden, untold things about yourself. During a yoga massage session you can learn to use tantric energies for sexual pleasure. Familiarizing with Tantra helps us make the most of our sexual life. It helps us to overcome barriers even in our society.

YOGA massage is the way to connect with your body, your breathing and your being. Tantra massage allows you to listen to your body, go into letting go and abandonment. It is a massage that can lead to the opening of the heart. It is a sensory, sensual massage. It is a soft touch, full of tenderness, of love.

The place where this massage is given is also one of the keys to its success. Candles, colors, warmth and soft music are all essential elements of the trip to redescover yourself. This and professional masseuses experienced in the art of Tantra massage is what you will find at a professional Tantra massage salon.

Discovering your body

During the YOGA massage session you will meet the need to discover one’s body, to discover one’s deep nature, to take time for yourself. There is the desire to consider the body in its totality, its globality where all the parts of the body are massaged and where the sexual parts are put in their right place, that is to say of the same importance as the other parts.

YOGA massage is an experiment of respect, benevolence, non-judgment, gentleness and tenderness. The receiver learns to live and feel the present moment. YOGA massage helps overcoming on blockages and sexual difficulties. For men, a resolution of premature ejaculation: Tantra advocates the retention of ejaculation, having an orgasm without ejaculation, during the YOGA massage men learn to manage their ejaculation. For women, help to access their enjoyment, for those who think they are “frigid” or have not had time to connect to their bodies. This gentle and slow massage, given and received in a conscience way allows women to feel their bodies and thus to access pleasure more easily.

Connection between heart-sex-consciousness

During a YOGA massage session, you are taken in the space of relaxation. The fact that the whole body is massaged in a consciousness way, from head to toe, including sex, puts all parts of the body back in place. Your sexual energy is awaken and spreaded all over your body, making you more attentive to your feelings. The pleasure is present and subtle.

Through the awakened sexual energy connections are reestablished, connection between heart-sex-consciousness. YOGA massage is a way of learning and developing how to be respectful, attentive, caring, open-minded. To want to give and to receive. To want to reclaim your body. To be creative.