Effects of Tantra massage on your consciousness

Effects of Tantra massage on your consciousness

Generally speaking, consciousness is quite a vague concept, unless we set the context. In order to avoid this and to have a broad and still precise view on the subject, we’ll approach it from 3 different perspectives. These perspectives are: psychological, philosophical and spiritual.


3 perspectives on consciousness

Psychologically perspective on tantra massage

Psychologically, consciousness is defined by the ability to be aware of oneself and the environment. It relies a lot on perception and a general state of sanity, of psychological normality. It is also strictly related to neurology and brain waves. These waves determine our state of consciousness, whether we are awake, asleep, or experiencing a modified state of consciousness.


Philosophy perspective on tantra massage

In philosophy this concept has been widely discussed. It is generally seen as the essence of the human being, the element that makes the difference between animal and human, the one thing that makes us be more than just our bodies. Kant saw it as an innate endowment of all humanity, the ultimate source of right and wrong. It was his belief that we all have access to the Truth, that we all instinctively know right from wrong, that morality is universal and not learnt or contextual.



Spiritual perspective on tantra massage

This perspective is convergent to the spiritual one. In spirituality, consciousness is everyone’s true self, the answer to the famous “who am I?”. It is the spark of Divinity hidden in each and everyone of us, waiting to be completely discovered. This is the ultimate goal of our existence, this is what spiritual evolution leads us to. The level of consciousness is defined by how aware we are of our true self and our connection with the Divine. Implicitly, by the quality of our feelings and reactions. A spiritual and conscious being is serene, wise, loving, brave and compassionate. Being fully aware of ourselves enables us to have full self-control.


Tantra massage effects

Now we’ll discuss the effects of Tantra massage from all 3 perspectives. Tantra massage is thoroughly relaxing and healing, in the sense that it triggers cathartic states. This is highly beneficial to our psychological well-being, for it is stress-revealing, trauma-healing, lowers the levels of depression and anxiety, boosting self-confidence, satisfaction with life and happiness. Moreover, you may say Tantra is centered on awareness, living the present moment by using our senses as anchors. This enhances the acuity of all our perceptions, together with our focus and attention.

Being more relaxed and self-confident, we are automatically more in touch with ourselves, our feelings and intuitions. Our enhanced focus and attention makes everything more clear to us. So your perspective will be broadened, it becomes easier to make decisions. It becomes natural to get out of the context box and see things from a more general, universal point of view. This makes our animal instincts more obvious to us, thus making us naturally aspire for more.

Tantra is in itself a spiritual path and Tantra massage is one of the techniques and methods that can be used for self-discovery and self-control. Cathartic states heal the fear and pain we’ve accumulated. But they also bring to surface the subconscious patterns these have caused. It thus becomes possible for us to react consciously, and not based on self-defensive mechanisms we’ve developed. These mechanism we’ve developed  due to the sufferance we’ve experienced and the fear of re-encountering it.