The art of the erotic massage and tantric massage

The art of the tantric massage and erotic massage


The tantric massage is one of the most special forms of massage. We all know this.

But,  we will explain this time why we may consider it not less than a real art.

It is, in the same time, one of the most complex forms of massage. The massages pertain to diverse categories, they have different benefits, purposes and techniques. Among them it comes to prominence the tantric massage considering all these aspects.

All the massages have in common the beneficial touches.

The effects obtained during the massages comes from the science of touch.

The touch becomes, during a massage, a real science. As the touch has more therapeutically effects, as the pleasure obtained is bigger or bigger the state of welfare, the purpose of the massage is reached easier.

The touch is the one that all the massages work with and they adapt this „tool”, the touch, according their purpose. In the simple massages for relaxation the touches are of a specific manner.

Also in the therapeutically massages, there is another kind of touch. Furthermore in the tantric massage we find another type of touch, comparing with the last two.

Erotic massage is the best

We may say about the erotic massage, and in particular, tantric massage that it is the most special among all the types of the massage. Thus  we can consider it a real art. Not many girls know how to do this kind of special massage!

Art as an expression for erotic tantric massage

The tantric massage is an expression of this tantric philosophy and it applies concretely the principles and the theories of the tantric philosophy.

As tantra is a whole philosophical system, a real modality of evolution and a way of living, the tantric massage exposes concretely all these aspects. But this bond with the system from which it derives. In conclusion is only one aspect of the tantric massage. At the same time, due to its complexity, it also contains different elements which make it be a real art.

The arts addresses to the soul we all knwo this. In the same manner the erotic massage addresses to this elevated, profound and sacred aspect of our human being.

Erotic massage with its form of tantric massage is and always will be an ART!