Erotic massage alchemy theories

Erotic massage alchemy theories and more about energies arround

The alchemy related to the sublimation of the energies

Through the aid of maneuvers and techniques of the massage, the energies are awaken and oriented in the direction desired by the masseuse. And this is always an ascendant direction.

Therefore in the tantric massage we can speak about  the alchemy that takes place.


Advices about “awakening” of energies

The maneuvers in the tantric massage imply the caresses realized in a special manner (long, soft and sensual). Also it implies  the massage of certain points with great role in the flow of the energies.

These maneuvers are applied with the knowledge of the sublimation of the energies.

The sublimation of the energies means directing in an ascendant manner the energies in the being. The masseuse realizes that, with certain ability and skills, using special maneuvers and being attentive at her state can obtain a super-state of her guest.


All about energies and their high levels in an erotical tantric massage

Hence the energies that are directed ascendant are very much of sexual and erotically nature.

The sexual energies are a lot in a human being, even if you are aware of this or not. At the beginning, the maneuvers tend to awaken the energies.

In conclusion, they are more manifested and obviously, there can be work upon them.

By orienting the energies in an ascendant direction, there are the erotically energies that have their flow now upward. In addition the excess of them are transformed in other types of energies (of affectivity or mental energies, for example).


Conclusions about alchemy and energies involved in an erotic massage

The transformation of the erotically and sexual energies in other types of energy is the real alchemy that takes place in a tantric massage.
As a result the alchemy is the one aiming to transform all of the energies in better and positive ones.

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