Erotic massage – limited or unlimited experience ?

Nowadays, in Bucharest, we are surrounded by hundreds of facilities that offer erotic massage services. One obvious question may arise in the mind of the erotic massage consumer, at least the ones in Bucharest: Is erotic massage limited to the ordinary blow-job or to other more sophisticated erotic service that eventually revolve around the oldest job in the world: prostitution?
Throughout my years of experience, I tried to obtain answers from the erotic massage clients and based on these answers I concluded there are 3 categories of approaches:

As a general observation I realised that the laws of attraction govern us, without a doubt.

In the first category we find men that consume or, better said, are consumed by erotic massage parlors that function for a period of time, after which they dissappear. These kind of consumers’ view of the parlour is similar to that of supermarket: they walk to the conveyor and pay to the cash point. Such a limited point of view and point of demand is directly proportional with the limited pocket, spirit and with getting the lowest offers.

The second category is represented by consumers of erotic massage that demand more than the previous category: very good massage and a “happy-end”. Hard to find these two put together! That is because usually, when the hand of the masseuse gets experience only in a repetitive movement, she canot also have too much experience in performing the real and complex massage. In this category consumers get higher prices for the same services as in the previous category. So still only one of the requests will be met and that is the “happy-end”, which is available in the first category too, for a lower price.

The last category requests more than a simple massage or a simple blow-job. This  type of consumers are what I consider to be men who truly respect themselves. They ask for female company at high standards: not only physical attractivness but women who are intelligent, affectionate, tender, sensual, funny, refined, that have common sense and are even spiritual. They even want to have interesting conversations about different exciting topics and some of them feel the need to speak about intimate situations that may have touched their soul.  These men have understood that ordinary paid sex services leave them feeling empty and more and more unsatisfied. The funny thing is that the more complete the paid sexual services are, the more empty they feel. There are women which, through their massage experience and through what they represent themselves, can fulfill such soul emptiness in a harmonious and tender erotic massage session.
Such girls have studied about how to give and what to offer thoughout the massage; they have knowledge of various methods to controlling the sexual energy in order to have a different approach on sexuality and to be able to transfer peace, harmony, relaxation and balance to the receiver.

So, how limitted can erotic massage be? Is it limitted one ejaculation, 2, 3, in 30 minutes or can it be prolonged to hours of massage where you don’t want to leave anymore? It is amazing that some men are surprised by meeting such women in such places where the common cliche is that erotic massage equals sex. Even more interesting is that some men believe the only goal of erotic massage is the ejaculation, that leaves the body exhausted and sleepy or that orgasm and ejaculation are the same thing. In an authentic erotic massage room, you one learns that orgasm and ejaculation are two very different things and that one can experience multiple orgasms. All of these become possible on one condition: allowing yourself to receive the information first, wanting more and believing you have unlimited possibilities.
It is up to us how much we can expand on our own limitations.