Erotic massage parlor- men only?

Erotic massage parlour- men only?

Erotic massage for women, also!

During our 12 years erotic massage experience, we can count very few women coming to erotic massage comparing men. It can’t be balanced. Women, in their continuous rush to be beautiful, spend their money on clothes, cosmetics, beauty salons, etc. But most of them forget to make time to explore their own sexuality not only in the interaction with men but with women, too.

Erotic massage is one of the most elegant way to harmoniously interact with other women. Even myself, I realized the difference between men touch and women touch. Women are softer, more tender, more emphatic, they feel more, they are more sensual.

All about woman

A woman’s beauty comes from inside. And that is a fact that even men are admitting in the end. They like beautiful women, but after they get to know them, they realize that the only outside beauty doesn’t satisfy them completely. They are looking for women that reflect the beauty that lasts: inside beauty. For that, a woman needs to become aware of her own treasure inside: sexual energy: the life energy. A woman’s beauty resides not only from her body shapes but also from the way she thinks, feels, speaks. A woman Erotic massage parlor can be top of your dream!

Life experiences

Here is one of our TAO MASSAGE girl experience with an English woman coming to our erotic massage salon:
” I had an incredible experience when an English woman came for an erotic massage session. She picked me up from other girls available that time. It was very funny feeling to be picked by a woman. One of the biggest surprise ever is that the woman looked exactly like me. We had some incredible looking like physical characteristics, even my colleagues noticed.
I started to massage her and I was like in another world: I felt like I was caressing myself! I was touching her body, so slowly, I was unable to move otherwise than slowly, the energy was flowing like never-ending waterfalls. So magical, like I was flying. She was so beautiful, so abandoned, so complete. She opened her eyes and she touched my face. I was looking in the mirror, one into the other’s eyes. We hugged, like we were soulmates, like we were the most passionate lovers, like we were sisters, like we were one. I opened my heart to her, I never thought I could feel something like this in an erotic massage parlor with a woman.”


Our believe

I really believe women should dare to visit erotic massage parlors, where they can discover their sensuality though sensations, touches, energetic interactions through refined sexuality. It is very important for a woman to experience orgasmic states beyond imagination in order to be happy.
The goals for erotic massage for women are:
1. By massaging the body of the woman some stresses, tensions will be eliminated.
2. By massaging the yoni of a woman ( yoni means the intimate part of the woman, that in the indian tradition is very respected and sacred part of the woman’s body) women can feel different kind of orgasms that may not felt before, some, not even during the sexual intercourse.
3. Women should find out also, that orgasm and ejaculation are 2 different responses of the body.
4. Letting go the frustrations, prejudices, misunderstandings of the erotic behaviors.
5. Feeling pleasure, even orgasms in all the body surface, not only in the sexual area.


Final conclusion

Even if in our times the erotic massage is misunderstood, confused with something else, it is also believed that erotic massage is exclusively for men.

Even that, we truly want give back to erotic massage what belongs to erotic massage: refined sensuality, body and soul touch, the real value to the sexual energy.

So, erotic massage parlor is for both man and woman.. just choose the right girl!