Erotic massage performed by women for women

The true purpose of erotic massage

It might sound like a gay title, but it is dedicated to women of all orientations. You don’t have to be a lesbian to enjoy erotic massage from a woman, not even bi. The benefits of this woman-to-woman contact are numerous and amazing, and we’ll present them for you here. Women erotic massage is nice and deep…

The purpose of erotic massage is not only sensual, but mainly therapeutic. This is why your sexual orientation is irrelevant here, since it is not a sexual interaction. And just like you’d rather have a female gynecologist, feeling that she understands you better, you may find receiving erotic massage from a woman more comfortable.


How it works for women

The therapeutic effects are bidimensional: erotic and psychological. Just like there are areas of your body that gather your stress and tensions, like the muscles of your neck and back, your vagina is like a “diary” of your emotions. In the most severe cases, of women who have been victims of sexual assault or have suffered great sorrow  from the loss of their partner, they can then become frigid, have a very tensed vagina and experience great pain during intercourse, along with lubrication problems.

On the other hand, women who have a true state of general psychological well-being have a relaxed vagina, that lubricates easily and enjoys deep penetration without any trace of pain. Being relaxed, happy, loving and content with your life will make your vagina just as healthy as your emotions.

However, feelings of anger towards your partner, of rejecting or being rejected, of fear and any other negative emotions related to your love and sex life, will then manifest physically in your vagina, sometimes even as various diseases. In order to better understand this process, we suggest you look up the new German medicine, which is a complex system explaining the causes of disease for your entire body.

You may have noticed that when you have periods when you are stressed, or afraid, hurt, or going through a conflict, certain areas of your vagina start feeling sore during intercourse. You may also know from experience that if intercourse continues gently, the pain eventually goes away. It is just like receiving a good back massage and afterwards you feel so wonderfully relaxed and all your stress has magically vanished.

What it does

The effects of erotic massage can do wonders in a woman’s life. Frigidity can be healed, lubrication can be improved (up to the point of becoming a “spring” or “fountain” woman; for more information read Jacques Salome’s amazing book on the subject). The levels of stress, anxiety or depression will drop, amplifying your psychological well-being, feelings of shame or inhibition towards sexuality will fade away, leaving you self-confident and free. Also, if you have suffered psychological traumas, these can also be healed through regular erotic massage sessions. Authentic erotic massage performed by professionals has deeply cathartic effects, bringing to the surface and healing all the emotional pain and tensions we most usually don’t even know we’re bearing.

Thus, this can be a very profound and delicate experience. This is why the relationship with the therapist, the masseuse, needs to be based on trust and empathy. While there are highly professional male therapists as well, it is generally easier for women to understand exactly what the female customers need.


Why women?

You will find that a woman’s touch is much softer and tender, making it very easy for you to relax, feel safe and open up to the experience. Like any other therapy, it is most effective only if you are willing to participate and receive what is being offered.

Also, a masseuse will know from her own experience how a woman needs to be approached, touched, what she needs in order to feel safe and open up to the pleasure, what kind of stimulation she needs to achieve various types of orgasm (you might not have known this about yourself, but your body can have over 10  types of orgasm!).

The erotic experience is very different for men and women. Given the differences in our sexual anatomy, for men intercourse is not as much a matter of opening up and surrendering. Women need much more to relax, to feel they can trust their partner, that they can and want to receive him inside their being. This is a feeling a man can’t really relate to.

Once again, here’s why receiving erotic massage from a woman can be better. A masseuse is highly empathetic with the state of vulnerability you may experience when being erotically stimulated all over your body (during the body to body massage part of the session) and especially when your vagina is massaged. She will know not to be invasive, to give you all the tenderness and care you need and then how to provide the pleasure you desire.

Search no more

Sadly, the erotic massage business is mainly dedicated to men and mostly in a manner close to prostitution. There are few salons that offer authentic massage with therapeutic effects. Tao erotic massage in Bucharest is one of the top places you can find.