The tao and tantric massage – a genuine ritual

The tao and tantric massage – a genuine ritual


One of the most inciting and special experiences for a man may be the tantric massage. Due to its complexity and the pleasure that it offers, the tantric massage can become something really unforgettable.

The tantric massage is much more than a simple massage and different from erotic massage.

It is the most special and pleasant form of massage, as it reunites the pleasure with the therapy, the spiritual with the touch, the state of welfare with proper health.

The complexity of what a tantric massage is reaches its best when revealing its ritualistic part

The tantric massage is a therapy as its techniques and maneuvers have profound therapeutically effects. It means more profound state of health because through the methods of harmonizing and rejuvenating, the state of health is considerably improved. Tantric massage means pure pleasure. During erotic massage the touches are very pleasant and they awaken the sensuality and express the pleasure of the senses through inciting maneuvers and through beauty and sensuality. It is a type of massage, the most special one, the one in which the massage becomes a genuine art.


From the specific relaxation of a good massage to the exciting in a controlled manner with the aid of the body-to-body massage, the tantric massage reveals itself to be a special kind of massage. But beyond all these aspects, the tantric massage may reveal itself as a genuine ritual.

From this perspective the guest feels that he is part of a truly special experience. Thus he enters in a magical universe. And he feels that there special things happen, things that he does not meet every day.

All about masseuse during erotic massage

The specific estate of the masseuse, the one that she feels in her being and the one that he can also feel by her help, is one element that makes this experience a special one. The masseuse knows that she works with the energies of the guest, not only with his body. Also she knows that she enters in his intimacy and she have to do that with care and ability. She manifests even a maternal care and, more than that, a sense of sacred. The act that she makes can be seen as a sacred act as it recall also very profound aspects, the one that involve his soul.


Accesories during tantric massage

The special music with special warm and calm tonalities, the decoration of the room with a special good taste, in a feminine and pleasant manner, make that the atmosphere there to be a special one, a ritualistic one. Here we can add the diffuse light of the candles. In this way  the mystery and the obscurity that comes along in a real tantric massage. So the sensation of participating at a sacred experience is more enforced.


Rituals don’t mean being part of a religion

Generally, when people hear about rituals, their mind goes to some strange things or even to religious aspects of which maybe there are not so fond of. But if it is well understood the fact that an action with ritualistic valency elevates the person and reveals all the best in that being, then these aspects do not appear so strange.

Rituals mean special actions, prepared with great care, in which we aim to get in touch with the most elevated aspects of our beings. It goes further than just people’s good parts as heart, for example and tend to reach more profound aspects of the soul and the self of the one receiving the massage.


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