Feel more relaxed with a Tantra massage



Tantra massage is distinguished by the use of sexual energy for the purpose of accessing a spiritual elevation. The practice of Tantra was born in the Himalayas more than 9000 years ago. Religious leaders then viewed the sexual act as a ritual leading to inner liberation and a higher state of consciousness. Tantra massage is a kind of energy-releasing massage. This method has as main objective: the awakening of the Kundalini.

Today, Tantra massage based on the principles of Tantra activates all parts of the body. Tantra massage is the ideal solution to achieve perfect relaxation of body and mind, with the possibility of achieving orgasm.

Total relaxation

A massage always helps to get rid of stress, but none is like Tantra massage. It goes beyond the relaxation of the body aiming for your well-being on all levels: physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual. At the end of a Tantra massage session performed in a professional salon specialized in Tantra massage, you will feel completely revitalized.

General principle

Tantra massage is a massage technique that has existed since immemorial time. The technique is practiced in different ways according to the masseuse, however, the objective remains always the same: the awakening of the Kundalini. Kundalini is a very powerful energy located at the level of the spine whose awakening allows the healing of many kinds of spiritual, emotional or physical ailments. One of the side effects of this massage is the release of sexual energy. The two types of energy (sexual and spiritual) are very close to one another and interdependent. By spreading throughout the body, the sexual energy also creates sensual effects and a very pleasant state of pleasure.

The masseuse uses an oil to perform the massage. Tantra massage consists of movements of kneading, light pressure and effleurages on all the parts of the body and touches on the points of energy (chakras). All movements should be done slowly and smoothly. Throughout the massage, the breathing must be long and deep.

Better control of breathing

During Tantra massage, the masseuse will teach you how to use different breathing methods that have already proven their benefits. First, these techniques reinforce the effects of massage, but they also teach you to control your breathing and at the same time, your natural reactions. This is ideal for cases of premature ejaculation.

Emotional equilibrium

Beyond physical relaxation, Tantra massage aims for your emotional well-being and helps you overcome obstacles that hinder your personal development. Each session is a lesson in which the pleasure you bring about teaches you to have more confidence in yourself and to regain your self-esteem, to achieve a better personal balance in everyday life.

A Tantra massage session brings relaxation to all your muscles, a deep well-being and a new sexual vitality. In many cases, massage stimulation will result in increasing arousal to orgasm, although this is not the main goal.

A new sensuality

By entrusting your body to another person, you get to know yourself better and to better live your sensuality. The massage forces you to eliminate your fears. You rediscover each part of your body under the expert hands of your masseuse.