Find out what Tantra massage is!


Tantra is an ancient Indian practice that is still relevant today. It celebrates the body and sexuality, teaching that the sexual act resumes your divine nature, and can lead to enlightenment.

One can rediscover the harmony of the body and mind through Tantra massage

So, what is Tantra massage specifically? It is not a simple erotic massage, as many people think, but a ritual in which all parts of the body are explored and stimulated. The legs, back, feet, arms, legs, reproductive organs, neck, head and face are, in fact, touched with light pressures that relax and help breathing. This particular technique comes from the Orient and has the aim of making you rediscover the harmony and excitement of the senses. The massage is also very suitable for couples, as it stimulates self-awareness and connects the mutual desires and emotions of the two people being massaged.

The approach of the massage takes place both from a sexual and sensorial point of view

How is the massage done? Tantra massage is a real sensory experience. The tantric ritual is expressed through a succession of manual skills that stimulate a meditative state of inner peace. The person receiving the massage must free the mind and be present with the body and soul connected at the present time, in the “here and now” moment. In this way, you have the opportunity to concentrate on your breathing and come into contact with your deeper self. The hand of the masseuse never breaks away from the receiver.

During the massage session the physical contact ends only at the end. The movements that the expert masseuse will realize are not preordained, every massage is different, and they are marked by a continuous and harmonious flow of delicate concentric gestures. The masseuse draws the body of the person who receives the massage with the palm and the fingers. There may be variations in pressure, duration and rhythm. A professional Tantra massage salon has the perfect environment, warm and welcoming. Scented candles and relaxing music will do the rest.

Tantra massage is a way of relaxation, meditation and stress relieve

The techniques used in the message session helps you to reach a meditative place where you can identify with the desired ideal. The mind and the body merge into one, everything becomes calm and the hands that massage are in harmony with the music, the ambient and the moment.

Tantra massage can help you build self-confidence, calm down, give you strength. The inner power that manifests itself during the massage session is a special one, you experience new feelings and emotions. Besides all this, a sensual and powerful energy will surround you, which will pass through your body and mind. This unique type of massage is a fantastic way to discover the secrets of sensuality and meditation.

After a massage session you will feel completely refreshed, relaxed, revived and enlightened. All your worries and stress are rubbed away by the delicate and sensual touches of the expert masseuse, blockages are removed and the well-being is increased. Tantra massage has the base of good energy, positive vibes, thoughts and skills.