Health effects of tantra massage

Tantra  massage benefits

Many people are unaware of the fact that erotic massage is actually a very effective physical and psychological therapy. Apart from being ecstatically pleasant, authentic erotic massage can utterly improve our health, psychological well-being and quality of life.

Physically, its effects on the body can be noticed from the first session (however, in order for them to stabilise, regular sessions are necessary).

Good for our skin

Firstly, erotic massage is highly beneficial for your skin and muscles. This type of massage should always be performed only with perfectly natural oils (here, at Tao erotic massage in Bucharest we use 100% natural coconut oil).


Because tap water is treated with a lot of chemicals, it is damaging for the skin, drying it and making it age faster. Having oil massaged into our skin is a very necessary treatment that we don’t offer ourselves enough. During massage, our skin has the time it needs to absorb the oil, being hydrated and nourished. This makes our skin become more elastic, healthy, smooth and soft and has beneficial rejuvenating effects.

Wonderful for our muscles

Secondly, due to how sedentary modern life has become and the amount of time we spend behind our desk or behind the wheel, driving, our muscles have a lot to suffer. People nowadays are way less physically flexible and experience much more muscular pain than our ancestors used to.

Thorough massage for our entire body relaxes our muscles, freeing us from the pain and helping us become more flexible. Part of the reason for our rigidity is how tensed we are. Also, massage can be energising for the body, harmonising the blood flow. After a good session of erotic massage you won’t feel as static and sedentary anymore for your body will have gained a sense of freshness and lightness.


Miraculous for our sexuality (and this is NOT an overstatement)

Moreover, erotic massage is, of course, of great help in sexual issues, regulating the biological sexual function. Its healing effects on this level are amazing for both men and women.

In the case of men, regular erotic massage sessions can in time heal impotency and premature ejaculation. Furthermore, not only is it healing, but it also improves sexual performance in case of normality as well. Given the fact that during intercourse men generally climax in less than 10 minutes and women need 30 minutes of penetration to reach orgasm (scientific fact), you want your performance to be above the average. Authentic erotic massage can get you there. At Tao Massage in Bucharest our masseuses are professionally trained in special techniques to improve your sexuality and they can even teach you various methods you can practice home on your own. With practice, you will be able to offer her way more than just the necessary 30 minutes.



For women, erotic massage is finally the environment where even those who have never climaxed before can reach the ultimate pleasure. Given the above mentioned huge difference in the needed stimulation in order to achieve orgasm, sex is most often terribly frustrating for women. A session of erotic massage will finally provide you the time and attention you need, and an ambiance where you can truly relax, unafraid of any judgement or criticism. Regular erotic massage sessions heal frigidity, vaginal pains, menstrual pains, being super harmonising and energising for feminine sexuality.

Little big bonus

In addition, given the states of relaxation and pleasure experienced during erotic massage, our brain produces many beneficial hormones that we need and most often lack. This can have amazing effects, such as healing insomnia and boosting our imunity.

The best is yet to come

However, the best effects of erotic massage therapy occur on the psychological level. Erotic massage can be a very cathartic experience, especially for women. So much so, that even intense traumas of childhood sexual abuse can be healed, not to mention heart-breaks, stress, social phobias, anxiety and depression.

Because sexuality is such a huge part of our lives (whether we are active or not) – it can even come to define our social status – it is a great influence on our self-esteem, psychological well-being and quality of life. In many ways, it is often how we do or don’t appreciate ourselves as being “enough”, “moral”, “adequate”, or “successful”. This is why erotic massage can have effects of such magnitude.


Through regular sessions self-esteems is boosted, as well as perceived self-efficacy in certain actions. Anxiety and shame regarding sexuality fade away. Being sexually satisfied and confident can make us feel content, enthusiastic, capable, energetic and relaxed. For many people, it is what got them to finally be at peace with themselves. Erotic massage is a challenging experience leading us to personal development, both in the sense of discovering ourselves and getting to know ourselves much more profoundly, and of becoming able and willing to fulfill our potential in life.