Important aspects of the tantric massage

Harmony and beauty are the most important aspects of the tantric massage

A being who looses its tensions and stresses gains more welfare, more good feelings and good states. Its inner harmony grows and the relaxation and will for life is increased.


Everything which is of greater joy and happiness means greater harmony. And a harmonious body and harmonious inner state is one of the aims in the tantric massage.


But we can speak about harmony during the tantric massage related not only to the one receiving the massage. I will also speak realted to the person giving it, the masseuze.

The women chosen for the tantric massage have to be very harmonious and, also, beauty is an important quality.


They deal with the erotically energies in the person receiving the massage, awakening them and controlling them. Therefore,  when it comes to this, it is normal to feel the need of a beautiful person massaging this way.

And the beauty is important in the person offering the massage not only as physical feature!

I know from my great experience that also the moves and the touches she realizes have to be pleasant. They must be  filled with erotism and beauty.

The more beauty appears in a tantric massage  the more pleasant and full of beneficial effects that tantric massage is. These are  due to the person offering it and to the moves she makes!


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