Just how practical Tantra is

What is practical Tantra?

If you are one of those who aspire to be a continuously better version of yourself, Tantra is the answer for you. Just as biology shows that evolution is the very nature of the universe, psychology has found that self-development is the very nature of man, as a being that is in a continuous pursuit of happiness. Positive psychology shows that happiness is out of reach without becoming aware of our potential and putting it to good use.

This is exactly what Tantra teaches us, except that it also gives us ways to amplify our potential and use everything as fuel for achieving our goals. Tantra is probably the most effective and most appropriate to modern times spiritual path there is. It is not a religion and it does not imply believing in something or someone. It is simply a method to reach the truth of your being, of going the whole way in self-discovery, regardless of the god you believe in or whether you believe in one.

Tantra is a practice for our every day life. It does not require any special conditions. There are techniques you can do wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. It is a way of living, a life-style, a perspective upon life. It is a matter of being present, of being aware, of diving deeper within our thoughts, our emotions, our inner universe. This awareness enables us to see things for what they are and use them as we need to. Tantra is the art of transformation, of alchemising everything into what we want. Every rock becomes a stepping stone on our way up.

The benefist of Tantra

Tantra makes us limitless. Everything one wants to be, one can become. It is all a matter of directing our energies that way. The energy of our thoughts, our emotions, our actions. Even the things that seem completely remote from our purpose can become useful. “Tantra” is Sanscrit for weft, netting or web. It teaches us how everything is interconnected. One can never say that one thing has nothing to do with another. Ultimately, all paths are convergent to the same destination.
It is the art of mastering our life, of creating our own universe in harmony with the macrocosm. When being harmonious, when everything is fluent, we can direct the flow according to our wise choice. We can learn to flow upstream, back to the source of things, to the core of our being. And the most wonderful thing about Tantra is how surprising it is.

About the steps, Tantra steps

Tantric practice is never boring. If you’re bored, you’re definetly not doing Tantra. It is about intensity, about being perfectly lucid while letting go and “losing control”. They say about this practice that it is like walking on the blade of a dagger. It is about perfect balance and self-control even in situations where others lose their heads. One needs to always be aware and act according to conscious choice, not fear or instinct.


This is why most people generally waste their energy, because they act unconsciously. When aware, you can choose what to do with the energy. Nothing is wasted, everything is used with maximum efficiency.
However, this is not an art that is easy to master. One needs perseverent practice and direct guidance from someone who has walked the path already. Step by step, one discovers the true potential within, their unique greatness and how to bring it out and let it shine. Nothing brings more joy than being yourself to the fullest, using your resources as they are meant to. If you haven’t felt almighty yet, you haven’t been yourself. We have everything within to make it all happen. We just have to bring it out.

The key

One of the best ways to know ourselves is our sexuality. This is where we are most powerful and most vulnerable. Our sexual potential is the biggest our body posesses, it is how we create life. However, what makes sexuality so powerful is how it connects to our emotional side and our mind. This is when this enormous biological force is used consciously. People who have fulfilling amorous lives know that in love-making they feel like they are most themselves, they feel unleashed and free. Tantra teaches us how to get here and how to amplify this state and make it become our everyday state.

Tantric massage is a great way to get started on this path.

Professional masseuses in authentic Tantric massage can teach you the basics in being aware, discovering your sexuality and controling it. They will show you how to do this during the massage and can tell you how to manage your energies (biologically, emotionally, mentally) while love-making.

You can learn techniques you can practice during intercourse and others you can do regardless of your location and activity.

We welcome you at Tao erotic massage in Bucharest with much more information and amazing experiences to begin your quest on the Tantric path of self-discovery. Practical Tantra is at your feet!