More about sensuality in tantric massage

More about sensuality in tantric massage

The touch in the tantric massage play a very important role for determining more and more sensuality. The person being massaged lives and feels the sensuality through the aid of the soft, carrying and loving touching and caresses. If a normal relaxation massage has its own speed of the moves and a certain rhythm of the motion, in the tantric massage everything is slower.


Velocity in tantric massage

We know that in this kind of massage the velocity is never desired. And long, soft and slow caresses of the body leads to the awaken of the sensuality. Aiming to determine only pure and elevated energies, the result is a refined sensuality.

Therefore I do not recomend the massage technique that is used with great speed. As a conclusion you will deal with superficial friction, intense percussion or vibration. These does not help you!

The variations of speed allow friction to have different and sometimes weird effects on your body. As a result friction is known to be the technique which has the greatest impact on local healing.
We speak here about areas affected by the trauma or inflammation.

Men feeling their increased sensuality

Dealing with all this creative, pleasant and full of joy energies, the men receiving the tantric massage may begin knowing better their own body. Either their energies and their response to the massage offered. In addition, their sexuality is felt in a pleasant way and begins to be more and deeper known.


A great deal in this arousal of the erotically energies and sensitivity has the body-to-body massage. Feeling the naked parts of the woman’s body over their body, men are able to feel an unique experience, full of erotism and sensuality, without having a normal intercourse.

Adapting the massage for each person receiving it, rends account of each one specificities. Therefore for this we strongly recommend  the masseuse to be an experimented person!


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