Path of Tantra – Sexual Continence

Tantra teaches us that sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies of the human being. When it is made with a deep and sincere love, this fusion is a thousand times more intense. But to benefit from these colossal energies, we need tools to control them. The most important method of oriental tantrism is Sexual Continence.

What is Sexual Continence?
This technique consists in retaining and preserving sperm from male and female sexual fluids during intercourse, and turns them into forms of vital, psychic, mental and spiritual energy. In other words, because of this fluid retention in the body, a human being can improve their health, increase their mental capacity, increase their energetically levels, by controlling her own energy.
Far from being harmful, long seminal retention accompanied by energy lifting techniques (such as yoga exercises, breathing exercises and contraction of certain muscles from the body) results in biological transformation of sperm into huge energy. It’s basically an alchemical process that is performed within the physical body. So it is not prolonged storage of sperm, but its transformation into energy. Depending on the level in which energy is diverted to, occurs awakening and harmonizing of that level, and can have tremendous benefits on the whole being.
For women, it is usually much easier to control sexual energy, rarely necessary training. In general, it should avoid explosive energy discharge during orgasm, which generates uterine spasms, and direct the energy up mentally.
Men need a short period for practice certain simple exercises, which we will present in detail in following articles.

Why Sexual Continence?
Thousands of effects are known about this method, and the most important are:

Perfect health and rejuvenation
This method is considered the fastest and most effective way of rejuvenation, because the energy is controlled and then dispersed into entire body at the cellular level, with regenerative effect.

Extraordinary sexual performance
Those who practice Sexual Continence can make love for hours because they no longer reach physical exhaustion by ordinary ejaculation, but maintain a constant erection, which of course leads to immense pleasure for both partners. It is known that a woman needs more time to reach the state of orgasm, so ….Sexual Continence = Satisfied Woman!
Also, men can solve the problems of premature ejaculation, impotence and virility, constantly practicing this technique.

Developing mental and emotional capacities
The energy resulting from practicing continence, is improving brain activity. Besides the mental lucidity and intelligence is amplified the optimism, personal charisma and inner peace. It is said that people doing this method, are integrated more harmoniously in social and relational life.

Natural and safe contraception method
Because sexual fluids are not lost, is impossible for sperm to reach to fertilize the egg.
Sexual Continence is known as the most powerful natural and free aphrodisiac.

Very important! Sexual continence has NO contraindication and NOT leads to the inability to have children! It can always return to the regular lovemaking.