Rediscovery of tantra

Tantra rediscovered

Redescovery of tantra nowadays

In our times the tantric path began a new period of flowery. These times were named by the wise ones as the times of the maximum spiritual decline.


It had to be rediscovered by people who have the necessary open-mindness to embrace it as a valuable and beneficial manner of experimenting the Eros.

Even they are not on the top of the social hierarchy (and this hierarchy had changed a lot over the centuries). In Occident it had to wait for the moment of over passing the preconceived and limiting dogmas of the last centuries.

Mind and soul, body and senses

Today we can conceive with our mind a connection between sexual life and mystical experiences, but in the last centuries such an idea would have been treated as an heresy good only for the stake.


Sexual revolution


Nowadays, this sexual potential may be even fabulous due to the ”unchaining” of the last decades, in the years of the Sexual Revolution in the XX century. As a result the sexual potential, so much hidden in the last centuries, even condemned, has now the possibility of self expression. And this leads to complete fulfillment and the ecstasy of the human being, the same aim and the same wish of the mankind from the sunrise of the millenniums.


Sexual continence

The sexual continence conquered the millenniums without being altered in any way and being in the possession of the very influential people, those from the top of the society or from the members of occult circles.