Tantra Massage as sensual feelings

Sensual Massage – an ancient medicine for nowadays’ stressful times

In the beginning…

While studying the ancient sculptures or paintings or reading ancient texts, one can notice that tactile intimate touch among humans has always been something naturally offered and received unconditionally. Be it just an intimate touch or going all the way to an erotic, sensual massage, it was something to be given with no cultural, religious or social controls. And for sure, this was not seen exclusively as a way for sexual communication. But also as a way to establish a fruitful cooperation between men and women. Sensual massage was something that could bring more collaboration within a community. It was something that could offer more security and comfort in times of danger and stress. And also was something that could show more support from one human to another.
Our biology did not change much since those ancient times. Each human still longs to be touched by another. The desire and pleasure we experience while receiving a sensual, erotic massage is still within us.
The ancient man was surely less artificial, and more connected to both inner and surrounding nature. For the ancient man, the appropriate or inappropriate aspect for an intimate touch did not exist in the terms of restrictions we have today.
For the ancient man, the behaviour was more instinctual. Namely, when you were hungry, you would look for food and eat. When you were thirsty you would search for water and drink. When under threat, you would fight or ran away. And when you needed a sense of belonging, you would seek for intimacy from other humans.
… And nowadays

We live in a time when there is so much control, and so much is expected of us.
The miracle of an erotic, sensual massage is that of providing a non-judgmental environment where it is alright to feel arousal and even actually appropriate. Thus, the sensual massage becomes one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have. For it is enabling both the body and mind to relax, in a way that a regular massage cannot do.
When the tension, stress or anxiety of the body is reduced, the mind becomes calm and peaceful. As the body becomes more and more sensually aroused, many sensory messages are transmitted from the skin and erogenous areas to the mind, reaffirming that we are safe. Body hormones such as oxytocin, progesterone and testosterone are released, thus deeply relaxing our muscles. The mind falls into a subconscious state and, for the next few hours, we can literally be in the present moment.

More about sensual massage

For many people an erotic massage can be a place to discover how to escape from daily routine. For others it can be a place to release the tension of a stressful life. While for some it can be a glorious time of exploring yourself, your sensuality and sexuality.
Moreover, it can also be a very important aid for those experiencing sexual anxiety and disfunction.
In the case of men particularly, the erotic massage is of a great help overcoming erectile issues, premature ejaculation, loss of libido.
In the case of women, your erotic massage can help them experience more extensively their own sexuality, without feeling that they may be judged. Sensual massage proved to help women overcome issues as frigidity, fear of intimacy, lack of self confidence.
As for couples, it is a wonderful way to reignite the sexual attraction. It can be given as a gift also why not? Or can be offered as a way to let the other one experience another person’s touch, without feeling it as a threat for the relationship.
Whoever is receiving the erotic massage it will be a fulfilling and deeply transforming experience.