Tantra massage – a moment of freedom and pure pleasure


Thanks to Tantra, you experience sexuality as a moment of freedom and pure pleasure and letting go. This is how the goal of a Tantra massage session can be summarized. This massage can help you reach your full potential for pleasure. It is one of the practices aimed at blossoming into sexuality. It is a method that can help with exploring your sensuality or with resolving various sexual disorders. It is a massage that can be done alone or as a couple.

Blockages in sexuality

When having sex, many people have problems letting go. They do not let go completely because of lack of self-confidence. Not feeling well in their bodies and in their skin, they are blocked by this complex. They feel numb or think they are not doing things right. This results in inner blockages, not allowing them to let go completely in their relationship, and especially during sex.

Often, in a sexual relationship, partners do not know how it is to receive. They do not know how to let go and open up to receive what the other offers. Tantra massage is a real therapy for these blockages, but oriented towards sexuality.

What is Tantra massage?

Long reserved for initiates, Tantra massage comes from a spiritual current, called “Tantra” or “tantrism”. Tantrism thus advocates the fusion of spirit and matter to reach a higher state of consciousness, called “awakening”. The practice of Tantra massage is based on the accumulation of a sexual energy from a massage that combines the sacred massage of the whole body, sensuality and spirituality.

A massage session allows you to:

-flourish by experiencing a form of pleasure,

-expand a sensory experience beyond the intimate part,

-develop the ability to let go (give and receive),

-encourage synergy between partners to restore bodily communication,

-create an emotional connection by touch.

How can Tantra massage help towards a fulfilling sexuality?

With Tantra massage, one can reconnect with his body, feel comfortable, let go to disconnect from the mind. It allows you to experience sexuality as a journey or a discovery. In practice, Tantra massage is a massage that honors all parts of the body including the intimate parts. This is to remove all blockages in the body of the receiver to open the way to a greater amount of sexual energy.

A Tantra massage session is a form of meditation that opens toward letting go. This experience is essential to the sexual journey of the individual. The receiver is able to release his shame, guilt or any form of pain related to his sex life. He can become much more comfortable with his body and more receptive to touch. It is an energetic and spiritual massage besides being therapeutic and healing.

You can learn to be fully alive in your body and experience more totality, presence and cultivate true intimacy, acceptance and self love. When your sexual energies flow freely, then you can step into your true power, connect to the world from a space of deep inner alignment, acceptance and joy and show up more in life. Tantra massage is a moment of freedom and pure pleasure.