Tantra massage – a transformation path

The science of Tantra

Tantra is both an art, a science, a spiritual path, and a lifestyle. It is one of the very advanced spiritual development pathways that is based on the continuous expansion of consciousness. Tantra is the way of life. Tantra fully embraces life and everything she has to offer, so we can really know ourselves and develop our full potential as a human being.

The fundamental principles of Tantra provide practical, even scientific, explanations to understand any life situation. From quantum physics to human relationships, everything in the Universe is subject to the same essential laws. When we begin to understand the interaction between consciousness (masculine principle) and energy (the feminine principle), everything starts to really make sense to us.

Principles and objectives of Tantra massage

And through Tantra Massage are implemented some of the principles of Tantra. Unlike other types of massage, Tantra massage uses sexual energy to achieve a state of psychic and physical relaxation. Tantra massage is one of the ideal means to achieve ecstasy and a higher degree of consciousness. Tantra massage is thus a type of massage based on the principles of Tantra with specific hand movements of the masseur or masseuse, breathing exercises and stimulation of the genitals. It is a sensual massage requiring the participation of the whole body; it allows a total letting go of the body and the mind.

Performed at a Tantra massage salon, specialized in the art of Tantra, a session of Tantra massage offers several interesting benefits for the physical and the psychic. It allows among others:

To control emotions: Tantra is one of the means to achieve emotional well-being, it helps to get rid of everything that blocks you emotionally and steals your serenity;

To get rid of stress: the Tantra massage session not only allows you to relax physically, but also psychologically so that you will leave the session perfectly calmed;

To control your breathing: the breathing exercises accompanying Tantra massage help to control breathing during intense moments and to anticipate the natural reactions of your body to different stimuli;

To enjoy the pleasure: with the stimulation of the genitals and the different movements of the hands of professional masseur or masseuse, Tantra massage optimizes the sexual pleasure, but also allows to learn to master it, to profit from it;

To get acquainted with sensuality: during a sensual Tantra massage session, you will have the pleasure of getting to know your own body and discovering certain parts of your inner self that were previously unknown to you;

To get rid of inhibitions: the sensual Tantra massage requires a perfect confidence to the masseur or the masseuse. You will have to give to the masseuse control of your body in order to enjoy the sensations that her actions give you.

During Tantra massage we become aware of the subtle energies that animate the body and we learn to control them, to improve our lives physically and spiritually. We learn to explore more and more consciously the power that lies within us and to eliminate any physical and energetic blockages that prevent us from achieving the best results. We overcome our inhibitions of any kind and our possibilities for inward transformation become endless and very beautiful.