Tantra massage – a way of self-knowledge

Tantric massage involves a combination of loving touches that nourish both body and senses as while waking up life energy known as sexual energy. This awakening of sexual energy through tantric massage is always done gradually and consciously directed. Why gradually and consciously? Because the gradual awakening makes erotic potential to be converted into a huge energy and so then consciously directed , easily reaching expanse states of euphoria, fulfillment.

The essence of our manifestation as both men and women as more harmonious as possible and even as role models, lies in awakening our occult power of our genital organs; actually, putting in effervescence our erotic potential which is the biggest energy as human beings. Here, into this level of our genital organs cleavage occurs first, here we realize what we are: female or male. But this is not the end . The fact that we are anatomically male or female it does not imply also that we fully manifesting an electrifying masculinity or femininity. That is why a suitable way of awakening the occult power of our genital organs and therefore our state of masculinity or femininity is tantric massage, a simple and effective way known for thousands of years in the Tantric tradition.


Every man wants (even if he often does not recognize it) to have an admirable sex appeal, a strong self-confidence, a state of great virility, a good control for daily stress, a great inner strength, a continuous capacity to fulfill his partner, a renowned intelligence, a completely satisfied social integration. However, ancient tantric tradition states that the awakening of sexual energy and always directing it in a good way (and here we point out that the good way it is not something subjective, but always in a full compliance with the law and divine goodness) is the keystone!

Tantric massage wakes up, refines and harmonizes this giant energy, erotic energy. One of the basics aspects of this type of massage is that it brings dynamism in the erotic level; without this dynamism our accomplishing power and more exactly, fulfilling our aspirations both material and spiritual would remain hanged somewhere in a spot. Although every being is endowed with sexual potential, this is not enough! This sexual potential has to be aroused and stimulated as mentioned above, because otherwise, we often have the feeling of scoring routine, meaningless, often living like robots, inertial, without putting essential questions about us and about our life.

Without awakening and maintaining our sexual potential, we are often having the feeling of not living our lives at the maximum capacity, but based only on instinctual and survival everyday needs.

Once awakened – through tantric massage – this erotic energy can easily reach states of great pleasure, thus eliminating all sorts of tensions, anxieties, inhibitions, frustrations, depression, agitation, discontent, disharmonies in the couple relationships; in the end, all these reflect the fact that the sexuality is unused, unconverted into energy and then redirected upward on various higher vibrations.

The awakening of our sexual potential through tantric massage or through other appropriate and recognized methods, always involves, in the same time, conscious attention; more precisely, a gradually and finally, a perfect control, making us capable to manage our emotions of any kind as better, becoming emotionally able to receive and offer overwhelming states of love, compassion, tenderness. On the mentally level, there are open ways of becoming smarter or even – why not – brilliant; also, spiritualy, there are opportunities of becoming increasingly more aware of ourselves and everything around us, looking to live more profound the mystery that is beyond what we see, hear, feel, touch .