Tantra massage – introduction to sensory art

For some, Tantra is a lifestyle. Tantra is an art. Tantra is a science. Tantra is a spiritual path to expansion.

Tantra massage is a type of sensory experience that awakens the sexual and sensual energy of each of us and help us reach a higher degree of consciousness and self-esteem. When this energy is awakened, its magnetic field gives us an ecstatic experience and allows us to get rid from the body with the spirit. Tantra massage refers to a highly appreciated and intimate method that heals and revitalizes, calms the mind, opens the heart, but also leads the path to spirituality and divine sexuality.

Tantra massage generates a profound flow of energy, promoting multi-level connection, between sexuality, love and spirituality, as well as between the one who offers massage and the one who receives it. The most generous of our sensory organs is the skin. It is the largest of our sensory surfaces. A human being can live blind, being deaf, with no trace of taste or smell, but he can not survive even a moment without skin.

Few know how sensitive the skin is. Touching is the finest of all senses. Love is learned through the skin. Skin contact is also emotion, communication, protection. But it is also a fusion, moreover a symbiosis. There is a whole range of emotions that are related to pleasure, well-being, joy and happiness. Throughout our lives, skin contact keeps an emotional load.  Female to male skin-to-skin relationships are not a common provision of material and sexual services. But they are full of sentimentality – that’s why we can say that the skin is a source of feelings. Feelings are transmitted, and contacts are a true communication.


Instinctively, we know the benefits of hand contact with the body and of the contact between the epidermis. Professional masseuses in Tantra massage use specific touches such as gentle touching of the whole body to awaken the latent sexual energy found in the body. Tantra massage is defined as a conscious touch, which activates and stimulates sexual energy throughout the entire body. It is a full body massage, that doesn’t exclude any body part.

Breathing is also an important part of the Tantra massage. The masseuse will coach you in the breathing pattern during the Tantra massage session. In fact, good breathing helps in exercising self-discipline or self-control during unanticipated arousal techniques. So, it is good to have slow breathing, to be free of tension and pressure, so that the role of the massage can be fulfilled successfully.

The aim is to take charge of your sexual energy and open up your whole body as a sensual and erogenous area, enabling you to be aware of, and in control of your own sexual energy.  Some of the benefits of Tantra massage are heightened sensual awareness, a feeling of confidence and empowerment, and an ability to extend and control our sexual energy, allowing us to enjoy our bodies more.

Tantra massage is an opportunity to allow yourself to experience the healing power of sensual pleasure in the hands of professional masseuses that will introduce you to the wonderful sensory art of touching.