Tantra massage – a path to yourself

Tantra massage must be a path to yourself

Tantra is a spiritual path, which means that its destination and purpose is discovering the Divine within us. It uses selfcontrol in order to turn every energy that we posses into an engine on the way to self discovery. It is said that the tantrics walk their steps on the blade of a dagger, because they have to have perfect balance and be firmly centered. Any moment of distraction can lead to their falling and wrongful wondering in the mist of ignorance. Tantra alchemises all intensity (be it pleasure or pain) into spiritual evolution, using the power of will, focus, inner peace, discernment, spiritual aspiration and love.

Energy, sexual energy potential

Given that sexual energy is the biggest power we own, it is one of the main means of evolution in tantra. The tantrics use their focus and selfcontrol in order to tame their sexuality, to harmoniously integrate it in their being and turn it into a way to discover the Divine within. Through yoga practice, they train their minds and their bodies to perfectly control their sexual functions, thus being able to orgasm without ejaculating (this is physically possible; the cortical nervous centres in charge of orgasm and of ejaculation are distinct and every time the first one that is triggered it the one with orgasm; this makes it possible to control the ejaculation reflex). They do this in order not to waste their sexual potential (semen, which is known to be man’s bodily fluid that is most filled with life, more so than blood itself) and to reintegrate it in their being, in order to increase their power of will, of love, of focus and their spiritual power.

Tantra massage and modern science

Modern science has discovered that some of the hormones released during lovemaking and orgasm are the same with those released in deep states of meditation. This explains why tantrics have been using erotic rituals for thousands of years as a way of spiritual practice and evolution. To them sexuality is perfectly sacred and they practice it as a way of worshipping and discovering the Divine.

However, tantra is not about sexuality, it’s about focus, inner balance, centering in the present moment and alchemising everything into spiritual evolution. And these can all be practiced through tantric massage as well. This type of massage does not include intercourse and it may not even include massaging the genitalia. Nevertheless, it may be quite arousing and intense, and thus it can provide a tantric experience.

Differences between tantra massage and other erotic massages

What is the difference between tantra massage and any other type of erotic massage? From the outside, it may not seem like much of a difference. From the mausseuse’s point of view, there are some different maneuvers to be applied, aimed at harmonising the body, the glands and ganglions, and various other centres that enable the ordering of our energetical structure (it is already a scientific fact that our state of health and well-being – both physical and psycho-emotional – influence our bio-energetic field; the human body is a circuit of electric, caloric, and many other types of energy).

Nevertheless, the purpose of tantra massage is different from that of other types of erotic massage. It is not meant to make you cum in order to feel a discharge of your stress, wich actually does not happen anyway. All that happens when you cum is a discharge of your sexual energy, which is exhausting for the body and thus the intensity of the stress you experience is reduced, since the body runs out of resources to fule your feelings. The inner conflict, however, remains just the same.

Other purposes of tantra massage

The purpose of tantra massage is to harmonise your being by alchemising your sexual energy and  inner conflicts. This will turn your inner being into a crystal-clear environment that will enable you to know yourself deeper and deeper. You will be amazed to discover different wounds you didn’t know you had and thus have the chance to heal them, different aspirations and longings you can now fulfill, various understandings about yourself and your relationship with others. It is simply unconceivable how much awareness and focus can change your life. In order to succeed this, however, there are certain things you need to do.

The difference in tantra massage is truly made by the one receiving it. Relax completely. Surrender to the experience. And attentively observe. Observe every sensation and every feeling that occurs. Feel how you open up more and more and discover what had been hidden there. At first, it might be a very cathartic experience. Don’t be afraid of the outburst of emotions. Let it out, aknowledge it, become aware of you psycho-emotional complexity, learn to understand it – it is the only way you will truly be able to control it.

Practicing tantra massage

It may be hard to believe at first, but once you start practicing you will see for yourself that focus and awareness are the ones that enable you to harmonise and control your being and your life. This is the source of strength and serenity.

In fact, tantra is the path of continous meditation. Everything we experience in the present moment is an opportunity for us to be aware and fully take in the experience. This leads to a state of detatchment which allows you to make a choice. You can choose what to do with the energy triggered in your body by what you are experiencing. Feel this energy – be it a sensation, an emotion, an idea, a feeling, a wave of heat in your body or cold shivers up your spine – and focus on what you want to do with it. This will very much enhance your sexual performance, because you will control and amplify the energy, instead of losing it.

Energy and more…

If you want to amplify your willpower, focus on your willpower and how it’s increasing, being fuled by this energy you are experiencing. If you want to intensify your love, focus in your heart and feel it relaxing, opening and expanding in the sweet feeling of love. If you want to improve your focus, feel the energy raising to your head and how the power of your focus increases. Or, if you want, you can offer it to the Divine. This can be a very sacred experience and you will feel how your relatioonship with the Divine becomes stronger, clearer, more fulfilling and uplifting.

This state of awareness in the present moment is the key to knowing ourselves and being able to successfully do what we set onto. From amazing sexual performance to extraordinary focus and even developing a completely virtuous behaviour, it is all possible through practice.

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