Tantra massage – Who is recommended for?


Tantra massage – a sensory experience

Tantra massage is a harmonious blend of sweetness and love that connects to the notion of pleasure, reinforces the sensory experience while increasing sensitivity. In this practice, our life energy, which is none other than our sexual energy, is awakened, put into circulation throughout our body and through energetic channels (the meridians). The sexual energy will stimulate and care for our internal organs and each of our cells.

During a Tantra massage session performed at a professional Tantra massage salon, the perceived sensations are varied and intense, such as burning, floating over water, the physical body melts in a delicious consciousness, one feels again as a newborn, cradled and wrapped in love, respect and tenderness. The touch is very maternal and benevolent.

Tantra massage provides a feeling of fullness and deep well-being, it helps to regain serenity and allows you to fully enjoy your sexuality.

Tantra massage helps you to create and live in yourself a space allowing you to fully access your own feelings and find your inner calm

Tantra massage is for those who are seeking knowledge and feeling of their body, as well as those who are looking for recovery of sensuality and to give their senses a new, richer and more authentic body dimension. Tantra massage promotes the relationship of oneself with the other. It restores body communication by conscious touch.

Tantra massage is particularly recommended for people:

-who are looking for an effective way to de-stress themselves and to liberate themselves physically and mentally in a temporary state of abandonment.

-who want to accept their body as it is.

-who want to awaken the sensuality and sexuality of their body in order to revitalize themselves towards a new sexual appetite.

-who seek an art of mental and physical relaxation for oneself and in the relationship with others.

-who need to reconcile with themselves and deal with stress and imbalance issues.

Tantra massage is for those looking for deep relaxation

Tantra massage helps to escape from the physical plane to make contact with emotional and spiritual levels. The specific movements of Tantra Massage help to control the wandering of our thoughts. When they let go all the worries and feel the present moment, energy can flow freely around the body. Then, the communion of body and mind becomes simple and plunges us into a deep relaxation.

Tantra massage is useful for all people wishing to reconnect with their sexual energy, whether it is following a loss of libido, desire problem, feeling, cravings, related or not to a blockage (sexual trauma, touching, disturbance after pregnancy, menopause, andropause), loss of energy following fatigue, long abstinence, emotional shock…

Tantra massage is for all of those who want to access the state of well being

Tantra massage is a moment of deep relaxation where each part of your body will be massaged with respect by beautiful masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra massage. Tantra massage is the accession to absolute happiness …