The Tantric Lingam Massage

The Tantric Lingam Massage – the secret key for a happy life

Go beyond your limits

A tantric lingam massage is more than a simple regular body massage. It is not an erotic massage with the so-called happy ending. More specifically, it has nothing to do with a mere sexual stimulation in oder to ejaculate. On the contrary, during a tantric lingam massage, the man who is receiving the massage will not ejaculate at all.

All along this kind of massage the man has to face an ultimate challenge: to free his mind from all preconceptions regarding sexual life and sexual pleasure. But it takes courage to make this step. And it requires some adventure spirit to want to explore your ultimate pleasure.

Important things

The attitude of the masseur is very important. It is not easy for a man to open up in front of somebody else, especially when it is about the most intimate aspects. Nevertheless, you should not be afraid. For Tantra is regarding every aspect of life with love and respect. Sexuality included. Therefore, a tantric masseur will always respect your body, your feelings, your emotions, your limits. Your freedom as well. He/she will never force into anything you do not feel or desire.

Open up to an unforgettable massage

The first step for a tantric lingam massage is to set up a sacred and safe place. Cleanliness is a must, as is the freshness of the air. Warmth is of essential as well. If the room temperature is not adequate, you cannot relax and flow with the feeling. A soft light and a relaxing music will help the space to be more welcoming. Delicate perfumes or incenses can add to the feeling of sacredness and respect. Organic natural carrier oil enriched with essential oils will be used for making the strokes smooth and the movements flow one from another.

A tantric masseur will be always gentle and understanding. So even if this is your first time to be touched in a tantric way, even if you do not know how to react or respond, it is alright.
You should also know that during the tantric lingam massage it is not important to have an erection. An erection might come and go. The tantric approach is slow and gentle, so it might be something very new. Nevertheless, trust your tantric masseur and follow his/her guidance.

You must read this carefully!

During the tantric lingam massage it is important to feel comfortable. The masseur will provide you enough pillows for a comfortable position. Ask whatever you need, communicate with your masseur. Relax and breathe.


Embrace everything you feel in those moments. Take a break whenever you feel like. Change the position when you need to do so. Ask the masseur to insist on certain spots if you would like it or to change the type or the rhythm of the stroke.
During the massage session, the masseur will follow his feeling and intuition. Even though he/she might follow the book, everything will be according to your disposition.

Tantric lingam massage will teach you how to differentiate between orgasm and ejaculation. You can learn the art of ejaculatory mastery. You will discover that orgasm and ejaculation are two different responses that you can learn to separate. Deep breathing and backing off whenever you feel close to ejaculation are the key that will soften the urge to ejaculate.

Conclusions on lingam tantric massage

This very ancient and special art of controlling and preserving your life semen will improve and prolong your sexual performances, and will enrich your intimate life.