Tantric massage, anyone wants to try ?

Anyone wants a tantric massage?

A Tantric massage is far more exciting that you think. No matter how many times  you might got a massage, a Tantric massage will always surprise you in a good way for sure!

What is Tantric or tantra massage?

Tantric massage is an ancient Hindu practice that was specially designed to reconnect our body and mind. Because when body and mind are one, the consciousness is expanding, fuelled by a continuous and unstrained flow of energy.

Why should you give Tantrica  massage a try?

Tantra believes that if you manage to relax and expand your consciousness, you may reach higher forms of ecstasy.

When is Tantric massage a must?

– When you are looking for something new in your life;
– In order to find more intimacy in your love life;
– When you would like to know yourself in a pleasant way;
– Every time you feel the need to reconnect with yourself and others;
– When you sexual life lost its splendor.

Why is it Tantric/tantra massage so special?

The special trick of a Tantric massage is that it helps you have a great sensual time, while taking your mind focus away from sexuality. A Tantric massage is not at all goal oriented, you just have to be natural and relaxed. Therefore, even when you are touched and caressed in a sensuous way, you should take your mind off orgasm and other sexual goals. Just enjoy the moment and take it slowly to its natural flow.
You have to use tantric massage often as a preparation for the Tantric lovemaking, in order to help delay and prologue the state of orgasm. In this case, the Tantric massage is just one of the technics including meditation, breathing control exercises etc.

What does it look like?

Usually, a Tantric massage has to be done in an adequate surrounding. Therefore the light will be deemed and the atmosphere will give a sense of intimacy and peace. It will somehow disconnect you from the rest of the world.
You will get very, very relaxed, very comfortable. You will take your time in leisure and pleasure.
Tantric massage experts are often using a variety of touches, so you will never get the chance to get bored. You will notice that they use also all kind of Technics and tools in order to heighten your senses. All these will slowly build a peak, but will not take you all the way. This will simply prologue your pleasure and let you experience it as long as you want.
Tantric massage will help you get rid of the idea that in order to enjoy sexuality, you must reach orgasm and/or ejaculate. While delaying climax and getting control over your body, you can actually increase the power of your orgasms.

Few tips for a perfect Tantric massage

Try to find a good Tantric masseur, maybe through a recommendation, someone you can trust and rely on.
Do let the masseur your intimacy limits before the actual massage begins.
During the massage session, try to tune your breath with the one of the masseur.
At least in the beginning, try to get few eye contacts with the masseur, for a better connection.
Relax and enjoy. For Tantric massage it is something that obviously works. Actually, many celebs got into it and testified their great achievements and wonderful time.