Tantric massage – better than erotic massage

Tantric massage – better than erotic massage

The difference

The difference between tantric and erotic massage is that the first is much more than the latter. Erotic massage is made up of relaxation maneuvers and sensual body massage. Often times it also involves handjob(s) or… other types of jobs. The difference between this and prostitution only being the attempt of relaxation massage in the beginning.

We don’t do this kind of “erotic massage” here at Tao. We choose the tantric path, and here’s why. Aside from staying in the lines of law and dignity, tantric masssage has numerous benefits. It is not only relaxation, not only pleasure. It is a very profound way of exploring your sexuality and learning to use it to the fullest, as it was meant to.
The biggest drawback of erotic massage as it is widely practiced is that it is an utter waste of your huge and precious sexual potential.

Tantric massage, on the other hand, amplifies it and puts it to good use. Technically, in the first case you only get what you could have done yourself at home – alone or with a partner. However, tantra will train your body and mind. Also tantra tremendously improves your sexual performance (there are lots of men who got to last for hours during intercourse without pause) . You can use this as empowerment for other areas of your life.


You may not have known this, but love-making can be of great use in various physical and psychological healing processes. Also, there are trainers doing workshops in tantra and leadership. How so? Tantra is the spiritual path teaching us how to use our sexuality (or any other intense experience) as fuel for our abilities and actions. One could use it to increase vitality, sensuality, will-power, feelings of love, peace and compassion, quality of communication and inspiration, focus and/or spirituality.

What people should be aware of is that our body’s sexual potential is limited. In men’s case, this potential is represented by semen. The more they waste it, the closer they get to andropause and impotency.

How can one use this potential?

All you need to do is orgasm without ejaculating, and use the resulted energy as originally intended. Sounds like science-fiction, right? Well, actually, it’s just science. Neurologically, the nervoous centres for orgasm and for ejaculation are distinct. First the orgasm is triggered, and only afterwards the ejaculation reflex. If you stop the stimulation between these two moments, you’ve done it. You can orgasm and then go on with the intercourse, without worrying about protection or having to rest and wait for the sperm to be regenerated.

What happens with the sperm?

A part of it is transmuted. This means that your spermatozoa disintegrate. Doing so, each cell determines a huge energy discharge that will empower your being. So instead of losing it, the energy stays in your body.

Nevertheless, to be able to do this you need a fair amount of practice. It takes a great deal of self-awareness and self-control. You need to have a clear mind, know and control you emotions, and feel exactly what’s going on in your body at every instance. You’ll discover things about yourself you never have thought. You’ll gradually find that sexuality is way more complex and profound than you ever dreamed. And it can quite litterally do wonders when used accordingly.

The necessary training

Tantric massage constitutes perfect practice for this aim. With regular sessions you’ll see that your sexual performance – and your entire life, as a matter of fact – will reveal a whole new dimension of what you are capable of.
Not only is tantric massage highly efficient, our professional masseuses here at Tao (Bucharest) can teach you special techniques. These techniques  you can practice at home on your own, and even some you can practice regardless of where you are and what you have to do.

Stop wasting yourself. Know your potential.

You can be a continuously better version of yourself. Make yourself and your close ones ever happier. There is much more to you than you know yet. Tao erotic massage in Bucharest welcomes you on the path of empowering your every action using your own potential. Come find out how.