The tantric massage as an expression of the tantric philosophy

The tantric massage as an expression of the tantric philosophy


Among diverse types of massages that exist, we can distinguish the tantric massage, one of the most special and delightful types. It is also one of the most complex forms of massages. Its complexity derives from the fact that it is an expression of the tantric philosophy. That means that it applies practically the tantric principles, these principles being adapted to the necessity of the massage.

Tantric philosophy

The tantric philosophy is an antique one, lasting from millenniums. Therefore was developed in Orient and whose principles are so much valid today as they were in the past.

Tantra is a philosophical system and not a religion and it’s principles can be understood very well and successfully applied even by the modern people. It is centered upon the concept of energy, of the feminine part of the Universe and this is the aspect emphasized. It advises the knowledge of the whole energies surrounding us to live in harmony with the Universe.


Same principles in the tantric massage

The massage can be viewed as a specific modality which combines the relaxation with the therapy. Also combines the pleasure developed in diverse types, one of them being the tantric massage.

The combination between this philosophy and the massage led to the manifestation of the controlled pleasure and muscular relaxation which follows a traditional philosophy.

How a tantric massage takes place?

Asking about how a tantric massage takes place, the answer is that it integrates many elements taken from diverse types of massages. The maneuvers for relaxation from the beginning are followed by delicate and tender maneuvers of awakening and harmonizing the energies. Also will follow body to body massage where the sensuality reaches its top.


During the tantric massage we can recognize in its stages the appliance of the tantric principles.

For example, the beginning of the massage by the complete relaxation of the whole body makes us think at the importance that the relaxation and the state of welfare has.

During the massage, especially in the tantric type of the massage, the attention for the state of welfare is complete and aimed at strongly.
Another example is the attention and the accent put on the concept of energy. Both are in the tantric philosophy and in the tantric massage. In the tantric massage we also find expressions of feminine energies clearly observed during the massage and with which we work intently. For example, the energy of beauty or of sensuality.

Other tantric principles

Other tantric principles specific to this millenary philosophy and which we find in a tantric massage are:

  • sexual continence
  • the uplifting of the energies
  • the transmutation and the sublimation of the energies
  • the tantric alchemy (the beneficial transformation of the energies).

The sexual continence is a basic aspect of the tantric philosophy and, just the same, in the tantric massage the control of the energies has a great role. The man there should not lose his energy and his sexual potential because of the intense pleasure. He is helped to maintain his energy. Hence to refine it and to sublimate it, maintaining unspoiled his sexual potential.


The sublimation of the energies is also of great importance in the tantric massage. There exist numerous techniques to realize this. We massage certain points well-known to accomplish this and we direct upwards the energies to obtain that.

The sexual continence is obtained by aiming to determine the transmutation and the sublimation during the massage and thus, such a massage will remain an unforgettable experience.