Why should you have a tantric testicles massage

Why should you have a tantric testicles massage

Sexual reflexology is not a myth

Tantra teaches us that every thing, big or small, has its own importance. In the same way, every process, function and part of our body has its own usefulness and importance. Every area of our life has its own significance and should not be neglected.
Reflexology as a science is teaching us to apply appropriate pressure to specific points or areas. These reflex points correspond to various organs in the body.


Many sexuality books speak a lot about sexual reflexology. This holds that a specific spot on the genitals correspond to a specific organ as well. The genitals include the penis, the scrotum and the testicles, and the prostate. Therefore we should keep in mind that a tantric sexual massage (besides the penis massage) includes the massage of the testicles as well.

Nowadays, sexual reflexology is widely used as part of the tantric massage, to complement other treatments when addressing health issues.

Tantric testicles massage at work

The reproductive organs are actually doing more than just help us procreate.
Most men tend to neglect their testicles, as part of their overall genital system health. Nevertheless, in order to maintain a healthy and prolonged sexual life, men should take care of this area, at least as much as they do for their penises.
Testicular massage has proven to improve blood circulation in the testicles and scrotal area.

The testicles are part of the glandular system, a system that is under the command of the pituitary gland in the brain. They are producing the sperm as well as the male sex hormone, testosterone. It was already shown that in order to increase sperm quality, testicles massage can do wonders. Also, it was proven that testicle reflexology helps produce sex hormones.
Therefore, performing the tantric testicle massage will affect the entire sexual characteristics.

Tantric testicle massage would improve erection

It should be just a natural that regular testicle massage would help improving sex drive. As it could greatly assist in bringing back the balance of the male’s body. As a result, in time, tantric testicle massage would improve erection quality as well.
Reflexologists state that the genital reflex points have been shown to greatly improve the overall health. You should keep in mind that tantric sexual reflexology massage is cumulative. Therefore, it will take some time and regular massage sessions for the influence to have an effect.

Tantric reflexology

Since tantric reflexology is a powerful preventive method, testicles massage should be used especially before the onset of any somatic symptoms.
When you therapist is working on your testicles reflex point, he will always work gently. If you need more tenderness, you just have to mention it.
Also, in order to perform a tantric testicle massage,your therapist will have to warm up the area. This will help loosen the skin of the scrotum, making it easy to stretch during the massage.



As a help, jasmine essential oil has a reputation for benefiting impotence, in men that had erection issues. Beside its rich floral and aphrodisiac aroma, the jasmine oil is an excellent aid for stress relief, depression and lethargy. As with all essential oils that are touching the skin, use only pure grade oil that were first diluted with a carrier oil.