The massage of lingam and its benefits


What does Lingam mean?

The word “lingam” is the name given to the male genitalia by Hindus of Sanskrit origin, symbolizing masculine energy and representing the divinity of Shiva (one of the main gods of Hinduism). Lingam can be considered Shiva’s “phallus” or his support column. The lingam for the Hindu is the creation, union of heaven and earth, fertility, a sacred (non-sexual) character.

What is a Lingam massage?

The lingam massage is massage of the penis made totally different from a conventional massage that brings countless benefits to man. The massage session takes place individually and specifically, each of the session always aiming to help you discover new sensations, muscle toning, delayed ejaculation and prolonged erection. It seeks a closer connection between body and mind, trying to disconnect genital area pleasure.

Hands are used as a means of channeling and transporting energy throughout the body without having sex. The hot oil used helps promote body relaxation by relieving stress.

The lingam massage has no sexual connotation and is a massage of the penis, not a masturbation, the work done by the masseuse is totally therapeutic and meets the needs of each individual in a unique way and stipulated by a brief conversation before the massage.

Why Lingam massage is seen as a Tantra massage

Tantra massage was developed on the basis of the Tantra philosophy (the Hindu behavioral philosophy that aims at the liberation and expansion of the being). In practice, Tantra massage works by waking up the vital energy called Kundalini, climbing from the pelvis to the upper part of the head, that is, energizing the basic chakra to the primary chakra, emotional, mental, energetic and physiological movement.

Tantra massage attempts to sharpen sensibility, awareness and body perception by touch. Some massage parts aim at toning the pelvic muscles of men and women. In Tantra the whole body is conscious and must have all attention, recognition and respect and cannot be seen as an object.

Orgasm is not the purpose of Lingam massage, the goal is not to ejaculate, but to use the sense of excitement to reach meditation and relaxation, to reach areas of the whole body, deep healing and relaxation.

Benefits of the Lingam massage:

-Extending the duration of erection;

-Genital muscular toning;

-Helps to treat premature ejaculation;

-Improving self-awareness of the body;

-Improving the quality of sexual and personal life (self-confidence);

-Helps the treatment for anorgasmia;

-Eliminating excessive shyness;

-Helping with problems defined by sexual impotence.

These benefits vary from one person to another and in the circumstances in which each physical or psychological problem is manifested uniquely. Lingam massage acts as complementary therapy, you often notice its benefits as soon as the first session is held, and in other cases more sessions are recommended.

Lingam massage allows a wide range of orgasmic experiences that have never been tasted so that you sink into your personal exploration of the body and masculinity – revealing, deepening and expanding your sensuality and sexuality.