The touch – the royal sense in any tantric massage

The touch – the royal sense in any tantric massage

Of course, the main sense involved in a massage is the one perceiving the soft, caressing touches of the skin. The delight of the massage is the delight of the body being touched in the most pleasant way. And in the tantric type of massage, the touch is even more pleasant, due to the sensuality that fills the caresses.


Along with the more firm touches and maneuvers for relaxing the muscles, there are the soft and sensual caresses over the skin. The first ones precedes the sensual caress, in order to prepare the ”field”, determining the complete relaxation of the being. The touches and caresses filled with sensuality enables the perceptions to get the most pleasure and delight.

Touching and carrying

The touches carried out not only by skillful hands but also by others parts of the body.


The path opened by the hand on the body of the massaged person is followed closely by the silky touches of a soft chin, gentle elbow or pleasant breasts. They all enchant the skin and the senses of the person receiving the massage and bring joy in his being. Caressing the body of the one receiving the massage with other parts of the body creates an intimacy full of delicious sensations.

Facts not stories about tantric massage!

The touch is 99% stimulus for all the senses involved in a massage and making it all along the naked body bring happiness to every little part of the skin and muscles. Covering the whole body with soft, tender and sensual caresses gives a feeling of deep fulfillment and gratitude in the one having the tantric massage. Thus the experience can remain unforgettable due to the delight and joy that fills the entire body.

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