What is Tantra Massage and what do you know about it?


Tantra massage awakens sexual energy

Tantra massage involves a combination of loving touches that nourish both the body and the senses and, at the same time, awaken the energy of life known as sexual energy. This awakening of the sexual energy through the Tantra massage is always gradual and always directed consciously. Why graduate and conscious? Because the gradual awakening transforms the erotic potential into giant energy and then, consciously directed by the one who offers the massage to the whole being of the person receiving the Tantra massage. A Tantra massage session helps to easily reach states of expansion, euphoria, of fulfillment.

Tantra massage is pleasant and sensual in many ways

Tantra massage does not involve intimate relationships, as stereotypes suggest. Tantra massage has a much deeper substrate. Tantra represents the encounter between yin energy and yang energy. Yin is also known as the energy of relaxation, for example the relaxation experienced by a person while doing a massage or a hot bath. Yang, on the other hand, is that sensual energy passing through the body like electricity.

In Tantra massage the focus is on stimulating sexual energy, the energy of life. This type of massage seeks to unite the flows of energy without having any intention of sexual stimulation of the person who is receiving the massage.

Tantra Massage generates a profound flow of energy, promoting multi-level connection, between sexuality, love and spirituality, as well as between the one who offers the Tantra massage session, a professional masseuse specialized in the art of Tantra massage, and the one who receives it.

Tantra massage is an excellent method for:

– Increasing sexual energy;

– Eliminating energy blockages;

– The healing of sexual traumas, conditioning and prejudices of any kind;

– Increasing privacy;

– Opening to trust;

– Deepening love for ourselves and for others;

– Balancing the subtle energy of the body into each chakra;

– Increasing the spiritual level;

– Achieving states of happiness and ecstasy;

– Learning to feel ecstasy without releasing energy, without ejaculation;

– Learning to live orgasm as a body experience;

– Enhancing pleasure;

– Deep relaxation while being fully aware.

In the Tantra massage, sexual energy is welcomed with joy. This sexual energy is not scattered, but transformed into a sacred and creative power, and is kept inside, in the body, instead of freeing it and wasting it. Sexual energy, transformed into ecstasy through the touch of experts in Tantra massage art, is driven to the higher levels of our being, for example at the heart chakra (to become more loving) at the neck chakra (to improve communication with others, to express more clearly your own ideas and openly listening to others), at the head chakra (to become more creative or more spiritual).

Tantra massage teaches you that everything is energy and that you can experience erotic states, not only in the genital organs but in all other parts of the body.