What is Tantra massage?

Tantra massage is a very ancient Indian practice that, through light and circular touches, stimulates the knowledge of oneself, of the other and leads to a state of well-being that is at the same time union and liberation.

Origin of  Tantra massage

The word “tantra” originates from Sanskrit and means “frame”, “warp”, with meanings that go as far as to originate lexical nuances such as “principle, essence, doctrine or technique”. Tantra can be summed up as a way of liberating the self and at the same time achieving the essence of the self, a way of coming into profound contact with one’s soul. Through the stimulation of certain energy points in the body, the person who receives it experiences a great sensory pleasure and at the same time an improvement in self-perception and self-awareness. It is a good massage for those who want to increase the knowledge and harmony of a couple. Tantra massage relies on ancient Indian teachings, which in turn date back to texts of pre-Vedic cultures, the origin of which remains still quite mysterious and controversial. The ancient population of the Harappas, for example, which used to occupy parts of India thousands of years ago, gave great importance to the energy generated by Tantra, in particular the female figure and its element, water; in the center of their houses there used to be a large swimming pool and a room with a large bed on which to practice Tantra massage.

What happens during a Tantra massage session

Tantra massage is structured in three phases: In the first phase we focus on recollection and meditation, creating in a suitable and intimate place a welcoming environment, with soothing lights, incense, music with relaxing sounds of nature, the right place for relaxation. The second phase focuses on slow, circular and light massages that are practiced on the face and body, from the legs to the arms, passing through the pelvic area, the back, the neck and the head, with gentle touches along the channels of vital energy, chakras and nadis. A warm and delicate carrier oil is used, such as coconut oil. The last phase is awareness of the energies: sipping a hot herbal tea, the person that received the massage can verbalize what has been tried and perceived.

Benefits of Tantra massage

Thanks to this type of message, those who receive it – but also those who offer it – will be able to enjoy advantages and benefits, including a new experience of sexuality, not limited in space and time, but perceived as an omnipresent energy to be channeled in every cell of the body. In this way, anxiety, stress, worries are dissolved, along with other tensions. The massage acts on the genital organs dissolving blockages and creating relaxation, using Tantra lingam techniques for men and Tantra yoni techniques for women, among other Tantra techinques. Personal growth and sensory experience aimed at well-being go hand in hand with Tantra massage, a practice that is especially aimed at rediscovering the sacredness of the body as an element and physical envelope of the soul.