What is the erotic Tantric massage? 

The erotic Tantric massage is based on the need for  physical touch and interaction at all levels  of the human being: physical, social, affectiv-emotional, mental-intellectual. In the Tantric tradition there are 3 categories of  divine centers of the human body called tan t’ien, such as:
– inferior tan t’ien, placed in the pelvic area of the abdomen. It is where the sexual energy, vitality and strength is created and stocked.
– middle tan t’ien, formed by the centre of the chest, the superior part of the abdomen and the inferior part of the thorax. This area stocks and regenerates emotions such as passion, courage and the power to communicate and love.
-superior tan t’ien, placed in the area of the middle brain; this is where inteligence, superior intuition and spiritual consciousness lie.

For Tantric practitioners, there is no sepparating these 3 levels and the ballance beteween them is essential for a good health; any small conflict inside one of the tan t’iens generates disease. The researches done on sexual practices that use Tantric principles have concluded that the purpose is to integrate all aspects of conciousness along with the ones of the physical body so that the practitioner can become a unified human being living who is able to experience extasy at all levels.

The erotic Tantra massage is named this way because the energy that you work with during the massage is the sexual one because this energy follows the Tantric principles. For a better understanding of the main principle of erotic Tantric massage, it is very useful to understand the notion of energy channels or meridians which forms our body. By unblocking these energy channels one is able to release the sexual energy and spread it in all of the body by experiencing intense feelings of pleasure on all levels of the being: sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual – the ultimate goal. This is a unique way of  feeling, an alchemy that happens on the inside and of which one may have never been aware, even though it is a part of one’s self.
As far as  benefits are concerned, they may appear immediately or in time, as this aspect differs from one person to another and, also, it depend on the following:

*profound  relaxation to all the levels of the human being;
*achieving a very good control of the sexual potential that may be enough to begin with for the good satisfaction of the partner.
*gradually improoving premature ejaculation condition (by certain methods and practical techniques)
*using the sexual energy as a curative power (by using techniques to discover and apply such abilities)
*alchemy of the sexual instinct and trasformation of the sexual energy into enhanced feelings of love (and the power to manifest them), intelligence, even brilliancy, intuition, perceiving beauty all around, the desire to improve one’s life, controlling one’s subconscious.
*amplifying the sexual energy in our body and the power to control it, which will generate an incredible life-changing force, together with total confidence in one’s abilities, optimism, joy and happiness.
*the distribution or the free circulation of the sexual energy that leads to what is known as implossive orgasm (totally oppossite to the common discharge).
*reconsidering of the sexual experience: many people have expectations that are according to previous experiences or that are derrived from movies, books, what we hear from friends, personal fantasies, etc. Generally, the lack of time, of enthusiasm, of creativity and the appearance of routine into one’s life makes  the sexual component of the relationship something you want to pass over quickly, as the frenzy of the beggining is over. The satisfying of the need for a short ejaculation will most definetely leave behind two frustrated and unhappy parteners, whose wish for fulfillment will make them feel that something is lost and completely gone. 

The ultimate goal of  Tantra is to help couples find inner peace and relaxation and also reach a calm contemplation of mutual joy. Such feelings may be refined, in time, through free energy circulation that takes lovers to ecstasy and high levels of consciousness.

The implications of the sexual revolution have great impact on changing the concept of ordinary sexuality by turning the focus from animal instincts of an uncontrolled ejaculation that wastes sexual energy to gently observing  the flow of the energy throghout the body.

Therefore, another purpose of Tantra erotic massage is to become aware of one’s sexual energy, this great force within, the energy of life itself and  that we are being controlled and manipulated by society not to give value to its’ great importance.

This is the theory of the erotic Tantra massage but the practice is worth more than thousands of theories.