Yin and Yang in Tao massage

Yin and Yang in Tao massage principles and views

What is yin and yang?

We’ve all heard about the yin and yang,but most of us don’t really know what they’re about. It’s some ney-age, yoga, hippie, Indian thingy that some believe in. Once we clarify this, you’ll see that it’s not some voodoo nonesense that you don’t buy (for good reason), but a very logical reality that we all experience every day.


Yin and yang are the names given by the Tao philosophy and spirituality to the two basic principles that govern the universe. In plants, animals and humans, they are manifested as female and male. regarding mathematics, physics, chemistry and so on, they are – and +. In our solar system they are represented by the Moon and the Sun. Psychologically, they are manifested through a state of receptivity, flexibility, obedience, creativity, instability (yin). State of emission, spirit of initiative, focus, perseverance, order is  yang.

How it works

The fact that the universal laws are manifested in the cycles of nature is something that man has already noticed thousands of years ago. And leaving all superstitions apart, the fact that these cycles influence us is a scientific fact.

For example, sleeping at night has a much more regenerating effect. While sleeping in the daytime to compensate for sleepless nights affects our imunity, our digestive system. Also  on the long run, affects even our longevity. Another obvious proof of the great power these energies have is the ebb and flow, consequence of the Moon’s influence alone. Also, the way all organisms work is  based on the yin-yang too: we breathe in and out, we assimilate and we eliminate in and out of our body all sorts of substances and information.

Moreover, poeple living in warm places of the globe, influenced by the Sun, are much more lively, fertile and active. On the other hand, those living in cold placed, where the night is longer, have the highest rates of infertility, depression and suicide.


Am I yin or yang?

The human being is highly complex, with many levels of manifestation. Each level has a yin part and a yang part. We can be mostly yin, or mostly yang, but still have more of the other aspect on a certain level (sexual, emotional, mental, etc.). The key to a happy, productive, harmonious life is having a good yin-yang balance on all levels.

A person who is excessively yin runs quite a disorganised life, has a tendency to being submissive. He is indecisive, does not know what they want, cannot make decisions. Also depends on other people’s opinions, is very sensitive, avoids responsibilities and feels like a victim most of the time.

On the contrary, someone who is too yang is very self-confident, can be over self-centred. Also is quite a dominator, sometimes terrorising the others. Always makes decisions according to their own will, have a high level of stubborness. And don’t take advice or other people’s opinions, can be quite rigid.


How to reach balance

The are many ways of achieving balance between the two: yoga, meditation, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, art and all sort of therapies (cromo-, aroma-, melo-, etc.). The key we’ll go into detail about here is Tao erotic massage.

Tao erotic massage consists of a series of techniques meant to relax your body and mind, to arouse the erotic energy and to harmoniously integrate it in the entire being, in order to nurture and balance every level.

When talking about erotic energy, we don’t call it that to sound “more spiritual”, but because we are refering to the energetic potential of human’s sexual instinct. When this instinct awakens, we experience a state of exitement, arousal, feel very energised and alive. These are manifestations of the erotic energy. It results from the process of transmutation of our sexual fluids. (Sperm for men and menstrual blood – which is in the body the whole time, menstruation is just when it is lost- for women).

Biological transmutation is one of the natural chemical processes going on in our body at a microscopical level. Sometimes our cells decompose, explode, disintegrate and this happens with a huge discharge of energy. This energy is then spread in our entire body, energising and nurturing it.

The Tao erotic massage techniques are aimed at awakening the erotic energy, intensifying the processes of biological transmutation. Then harmoniously integrating the resulted energy in our body, in order to boost the supplies on all levels and to balance them.



Professionals able to do that are specially trained and quite rare. Not every place claiming they do “Tao massage” offer anything more than the trivial erotic massage. (This is only aimed at pleasure, but on the long run has exhausting and damaging effects for the body).

Tao erotic massage in Bucharest is one of the few places offering authentic Tao massage. Its effects can be experienced from the first session, but amplify and become stable in time, through regular sessions.