Tantra massage, a spiritual practice, rather than a sexual one


Tantra massage is a spiritual practice

Tantra massage is often associated with sexuality and the famous tantric orgasm is often cited as an example. However, Tantra is above all a philosophical and spiritual approach to better known ourselves and thus give meaning to our experiences.

Tantra is a sum of practices that brings together several Hindu and Tibetan philosophies and spiritual principles. In Europe, Tantra massage is associated with techniques of psycho-corporal therapies, but its objective is to learn to put consciousness in our experiences. To practice Tantra is to discover one’s limits – which often correspond to social-cultural and family conditioning – to go beyond them and to find a path in adequacy with oneself.

Sexual Tantrism, Western fantasy

If this age-old discipline seduces as much in our western countries, it is above all to “spice up” the sexual fun and games or simply to discover unknown aspects and thus revive the libido. Our sexuality is only a reflection of our being, and to observe it, is to observe oneself. For indeed, in Tantra, sexuality is sacred. To practice Tantra, it is essential to know one’s body and desires well in order to be able to put consciousness into our sexuality.

Sexual awareness

At a professional Tantra massage salon you are welcomed by beautiful masseuses, experienced in the art of Tantra massage. The sweet touch, made in a slow movement, all over your body, helps to awake the sexual energy, to be aware of its power. Under the expert hands of the masseuse, you will find out that sexual energy and desire belongs to you and that you are the creator of your own desires. Tantra massage allows to go towards an authenticity of the being, towards an awakening, a better knowledge of oneself, of its relation with the others.

A Tantra massage session is a personal process of self-acceptance, of others and of life, with, in the background, the goal of reaching one’s emotions, of understanding them and of living with. During the Tantra massage session you get to let go of your fears, to accept and love your body as it is, to eliminate mental blockages and to discover the divine in yourself.

Tantra massage is an aid to improve one’s relationship to others by helping us to understand the links that connect us to others and to analyze the mechanisms that are put in place by defense, fear or habit. Tantra massage is a path that leads you to be connected with what you want to live, a trajectory of alignment between your soul, your heart and your sexuality.

Tantra massage is a massage that contains the whole body. Through Tantra massage the connection sex-heart-consciousness is reestablished. It allows you to become aware of your body, to feel it by breathing and relaxation.

Tantra massage is a spiritual practice. The caresses, touches, all the gestures and the movements the experimented masseuses do are intended to awaken the senses, gently, slowly, gradually eroticizing the body, without seeking ejaculation at all costs. The goal is to reclaim your own body and manage your excitement and ejaculation. During this process you get to know yourself as a sexual being and as a spiritual one, as well.