Tantra massage – fully controlled sexuality


Controlling your sexuality

Fully controlled sexuality is the power that gives the most intense and greatest pleasure that can be experienced by a person. The state of happiness and the freedom of life during making love with continence have a maximum intensity. But in order to achieve these experiences, one must learn to control sexuality perfectly.

Tantra massage and sexual awareness

Through Tantra massage, the body finds harmony by relaxing and stimulating the senses. The main intention is to develop better awareness and better control by improving and mastering the desires and emotions. Tantra massage opens the gate to a new dimension through which the present is left behind and you will be driven to a new, sweet and exciting time to meet the noblest of the most pleasant and pure feelings.

In Sanskrit, Tantra means fabric, warp. There is a cosmic connection between the elements of the Universe. It is made possible by the existence of the primordial ocean of cosmic energy in the universe. This energy is not, as one would imagine, any energy. This enerrgy is infinite, all-encompassing, self-conscious, self-generating, it is behind all beings, things and phenomena in the universe, feeding them and sustaining them.

Tantra massage eliminates blockages and traumas

Negative experiences, sexual and emotional traumas, repression and cultural constraints on the body, contribute to creating a disconnection of the person to his own body, to his sensations. A layer of stored, incorporated emotions, called “armor”, makes some parts of the body painful or unresponsive by hardening muscle tissue. These emotions, and the body residues of negative experiences, can be blocked in all parts of the body, but are particularly present in three places:

– the rib cage (think of the contraction of this part of the body when you are sad, or angry)

– belly and internal organs (think of that ball that you feel when you’re stressed or feel shame)

– the genitals (particularly sensitive and too often abused, mocked, whose needs and sensations are often ignored).

It can be very important for one’s physical, emotional, and fulfilling sexual life to receive de-armouring therapy. Tantra massage is a deep massage of the whole body, that peel successive layers of blocked negative emotions that make insensitive or painful parts of the body and allow them to regain their state initial: receptivity to sensations and pleasure.

Tantra massage and the present moment

The receiver of the Tantra massage session must be with the mind, body and soul at the present moment, without any impediment. To reach this state of mind, it is important to focus on breathing, making it deeper. The beautiful masseuse will guide you through this proccess, will help you relax and calm down your breath, in order to reach control of the sexual energy and to transpose you into the present, into here and now moment.

The movements performed by the masseuse are made in a continuous flow, so each gesture refines the previous one and at the same time prepares the next movement. Tantra massage is made by sliding, rubbing, touching, with changes in pressure, duration and rhythm. The purpose of a Tantra massage session is to help you relax in the highest degree, open your heart and controll your sexuality.