The importance of being open-minded in the erotic and tantra massage

The erotic and tantra massages are special forms of massages which consist of various elements. They are a complex form of relaxation, healing  and more than that. Their elements define them as being the most special form of massages and the one trying them will not regret at all his choice.

As well as a lot of benefits that come out of these massages, they also request certain aspects to deal with and to be aware of. It is not like they require hard tasks or very rare characteristics, but there are some specificities necessarily to keep in mind and pay attention to. In order to benefit from a successful tantric massage, for example, it is needed to understand a little the tantric philosophy, to get in touch with the basic principles and to experience with a full intention the great pleasure that come out of it.

When enjoying such a special and delicious experience as a tantra or erotic massage, some qualities one may have led him to this delight reserved for not so many. Even the thought of trying something so different and out of the usual, even among the massages, asks from us a desire of trying something valuable and not just a cheap fun. Being open-minded helps a lot in this direction. Even the choice of having a tantric or erotic massage instead of a more usual one, is a choice in which we let go our old ideas about what relaxation means. We make place first in our mind so that a new concept of massage and relaxation may appear. Then, as long the erotic and tantric massages are so much bend to the sexuality and sensuality, we also have to question our own ideas in these directions.

When we decided to have a tantra massage, our mind is more in the expectation of what a different experience may bring up and our ideas are refreshed and renewed. Our ideas about sexuality, of understanding better the sexual energy in every human being, the capacity of receiving in ourselves the beauty and harmony specific to such an experience. We open our mind to the idea that sexuality doesn’t necessarily means an intercourse and having sex, but awakening and activating the sexual energy and the sensuality in the being throughout not-sexual methods. So not sex is involved and this goes for a real erotic massage, also. Too often, even in Bucharest, even in other places where salons for tantra and erotic massage work, the erotic massage is confound with having sex. People coming to try an erotic or tantra massage are aware of these differences, or, at least, become – from the very beginning.

Being open-minded is the very first step in permitting and allowing oneself to receive this extraordinary experience, the experience of having a tantra or erotic massage. Even the effects felt during the session of the massage or afterwards require being opened, mentally and not only, to receive them fully and properly in the entire being. The energies of the being awaken, some certain meridians and points well-known in the acupuncture activate and all these are sensed and felt better if we pay attention to them, if we focus there and if we keep an open mind to observe all these.