The magic world of the sensuality in the tantra massage

Following the mysterious call for pleasure and enchantment, one may easily get to the tantra massage. In search for refined pleasures and fun, the discovery of this type of massage is equivalent with complete fulfillment.

Among all the types of massages, the tantra and erotic massages are the most related to pleasure, to sensuality and more benefits waiting to be fully discovered. All the massages share a lot of advantages, but there are, also, some specificities to some of them. For the tantra and erotic massage, the special effects include the accents on the sensuality, feeling, alchemy of the energy, pleasure in a controlled manner.

The sensuality in the tantra massage

Just the same as in the case of the erotic massage, the tantra massage emphasizes the important role of the sensuality and of pleasant perceptions during the course of the massage. Both these two types of massages make feel the guest that the erotic energy and the sensuality are strong forces that governs our lives, even if they want them to, or not. And if this happens anyway, the best manner to deal with would be to fully accept their presence in our lives and to be opened to see what can be done out of them. Instead of hiding them in our deeper levels of the being, we can always choose to manifest them and express them completely and in an assumed manner.

The perceptions in the tantra and erotic massage are more focused on the pleasure and on the enchantment achieved. These types of massages are more pleasant than all the others. The role of the sensuality perceived all the way during the tantra and erotic massage is a primary one and is also one of the reasons to try this kind of massage in the first place.

The concrete aspects in which the masseuses realize this unique, special and delightful note of the sensuality in the tantra massage are the techniques and maneuvers they use and the manner in which the moves are realized. The moves in the tantra massage should be soft, very pleasant, in a slow manner. The masseuse does not rush at all when accomplishing her role in the massage. Her moves are full of sensuality, the one that she manifest through her moves and which she also manifest through her own being.

Special moments of sensuality in the tantra massage 

           There are some special and unique parts of the tantra or the erotic massage, in which the sensuality is manifested in its best and most complex form. These are the moments of the body-to-body massage. Here, the sensuality finds its best form of expression, we can talk about a real world of sensuality in those precious and delightful instants. The masseuses use other parts of their bodies in order to enchants and fulfill the guest, realizing soft and delicious moves over his body with their hair, elbows, knees, chin, stomach or breasts. The sensuality felt like this reaches its maximum.

The world created in the tantra massage by all this sensuality becomes a magic one

Like this, the guests finds himself in a magic world, in a realm full of mystery, delight and even bliss in which he is transported by the refined sensuality and the controlled pleasure. It is now in his hands to maintain these special and delicious estates obtained as long as possible.