Timing in the tantric massage

Timing in the tantric massage is a problem?

When speaking about a very nice experience we think also at its duration. For a session of tantric massage, the usual duration is of one hour and a half. Being more complex then a simple relaxation massage, there is this necessity of having sufficient time for enjoying it. So just an hour is simply not enough for feeling everything is there to be felt, to have a complete experience full of sensuality and pleasure. We may say that one hour and a half is the minimum time for such a massage. Of course this time can be prolonged and the guest asking for extra time after he enjoyed his session is a silent approval of the qualities of the massage received.

Duration of a tantric massage

Speaking of time and duration of the tantric massage leads us to talk also about the timing of certain parts of the massage. The guest receives this kind of massage on his back first, him lying on his anterior part; only after this his anterior part, his chest, his abdomen are massaged as he lies on his back. The first part is better to extend up to 30-40 minutes and not to be too long, the rest of the time being dedicated to the second part. A wise organization of the time during the entire session is a guaranty for the success. Timing here has an important role and it is another aspect to which we give much attention.


So when is the time for having an erotic massage?

There is not necessarily a special moment for those special experiences. These kind of experiments  often happen just like that, in a mind thought.

For connoisseurs  these things can be planned in advanced. In conclusion they need it and because they know what is about. When we plan to have special moment of joy, delight and also relief the time of their approach make us impatient and willing. These moments are waited with more thrill, enthusiasm and excitement for the old practitioners of erotic and tantric massage.

Reading these why not come to a couple massage?

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