Yoga massage and its implications on our everyday life



People usually have YOGA massage because it is intensely pleasurable and it makes them feel a lot better after the session has ended than they did before it started. But most of them have no idea what is actually going on in their body and the tremendous difference Yoga massage makes has many banefits.

YOGA massage means relaxation

To start with, Yoga massage is thoroughly relaxing. Relaxation gives the body the chance to regenerate. The muscles release all the tension and the parasympathetic system is activated. The parasympathetic part of our nervous system is in charge with preserving the existing energy and with generating new one. Its activation is favorable for the sexual function and for the digestive system.

Yoga massage fights stress and depression

Nowadays, relaxation is actually not a big, but huge deal. The lack of relaxation is the main cause for insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, impotency and frigidity, various digestive disorders, heart diseases, all sorts of addictions, aggression. The continuous stress we have to cope with is also a cause for the growing levels of selfishness and lack of empathy and compassion.

Yoga massage boosts our energy level

Therefore, relaxation obtained with a Yoga massage is the solution to many of the problems we are facing today in matters of health and all types of relations. Taking time to relax with a Yoga massage boosts our energy level, is regenerating for the body, is beneficial for our digestive system, enhances our sexual performance and is refreshing for our heart and brain, to mention but a few effects. Moreover, it enables us to become more sympathetic and empathetic, giving, affectionate and compassionate.

Yoga massage is a powerful tool for health and well-being

This type  massage is the most efficient method to relax as deeply as possible. Why Yoga  massage, though, and not just any other type? Because another major damage caused by our daily stress is endured by our sexuality. With a yoga massage all you do is receive and don’t worry about giving, performing or being productive. When you are receiving a Yoga  massage and you relax, a hormone called Oxytocin is released, some people call it the love hormone. This hormone fights the stress hormone, Cortisol.

By being aware of this means that you can help the stress hormones out of your body by having a regular Yoga massage as a part of your stress treatment. It is all about making it nice, quiet and comfortable for yourself.  In many cases, you will notice a physical change both during and afterwards a Yoga massage.


You’ll find it easier to feel your sex drive too and what else is going on in your body, such as tiredness. So don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden urge to sleep and then after a good sleep you feel your sex drive like you haven’t felt it for what seems like decades.


A Yoga Massage presents a beautiful, safe opportunity in our busy lives, to discover the potential that our sexual energy actually contains when it is channeled consciously.

A Yoga massage also offers the opportunity to discover and experience real honesty, openness, intimacy and trust in a non-judgmental environment – a rare chance to share what’s really going on emotionally without the usual fear of judgement, rejection or expectation.



A Yoga massage provides a very rare and precious time to feel the innocence of your senses, outside of the typical sexual context, with all the expectations that we may have become accustomed to.