A masseuse’s perspective

A masseuse’s perspective- A bit of ideas

 A bit of background about erotic massage

I’m certified in various types of massage and I’ve practiced a bit of all of them till I stopped at erotic massage here at Tao, Bucharest. Even though, compared to what I’ve learned and practiced in physical therapy, it’s not exactly the type of job I would brag to my family about, it is the most fulfilling for me.
As opposed to all the therapeutic massage techniques I’ve learnt, erotic massage is not so much for the body, but more for the soul. This is why I feel it’s more rewarding for me. Because I really feel I make a difference and I have clients who’ve told me erotic massage had changed their lives.

Their expectations

I know it may seem hard to believe, but let me tell you what things look like from my perspective. Many men come tired, eager to get away from all the stress, feeling frustrated for various reasons, tensed and looking for something easy, for quick pleasure, for a brief escape. And they look at me as the pretty girl who’s supposed to provide that.
I confess in the beginning it was actually painful for me to see how little these people want from life. However, throughout time I understood that most of them had never known they could ask for more. And this is where I feel I can make a difference.

What it’s actually about. What is massage?

True massage is something very personal and intimate, so I always need to establish a connection. I smile. I joke around and play. I show myself and allow myself to be authentic and vulnerable in order to get the same type of feedback. People are always surprised and delighted to find authenticity. And it is often an even greater surprise to find themselves reacting the same. Many times they tell me things they wouldn’t normally tell a stranger. But we can’t be strangers in massage.
In the beginning I was shocked to see how little men want from pleasure, even sex. I want to make it very clear that I never, under any circumstances, have intercourse with customers. Unfortunately, that’s what many of them are after and I’ve seen their approach. Many don’t know what intimacy is. They don’t know how to surrender to it and how it enhances pleasure. And this is what I like to offer them.
I feel I’m really doing my job when I see the man relaxing, giving up expectations, feeling natural and letting go. It brings me great joy to see their surprise as they discover the magic of real erotic massage. It is fulfilling to hear them moan with pleasure, to feel them opening up to me, surrendering to my touch, showing their need for affection and thirst for arousal and letting me fulfill it.

Feedback after erotic massage

They are amazed at the amount of pleasure they can experience in their entire body through touch, at how regenerating the experience is, at the degree of intimacy achieved and how satisfying it feels to connect in this way. Many have told me they would have never expected everything to be so real, intense and profound.
Many of our regular customers have confessed that erotic massage here at Tao, Bucharest, has changed their sex and love life, improving both their relationships and their performance. Some have even brought their partner along to receive couple massage. Sometimes couples say that this type of experiences help them overcome their jealousy issues or other conflicts they sometimes have.

Personal meaning

For me, massage is a metaphor for life. Connection is what brings meaning to it. Living in the present moment is the key to intensity and fulfilment. Relax and let go to enjoy the ride.
I feel that words are poor to describe all the feelings and processes involved, but I did my best to portray the efficiency, depth and satisfaction of the erotic massage experience.

That’s all folks!