How tantra massage can make you even more of a man

How tantra  massage can make you even more of a man

It is true that not any regular erotic massage salon in Bucharest can, but Tao sure is one of them. We don’t expect anyone to take our word for it!

So, besides the feedback from our customers that you can also find on our site, here’s a few arguments.


Tantra massage enhances sexual performance. And there’s a number of ways it does that. Especially here, our masseuses can teach you everything you need to know about sexual continence – the ability to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating (just like women do). Men can also do this if they learn a bit of self-control. The secret lies in understanding that cumming and orgasm are not the same thing. This is a neurological fact. The cortical centres for orgasm and for ejaculation are different and the first one triggered is the one for orgasm. Thus, during intercourse stop just at the right moment after pleasure begins to peak and before the ejaculation reflex is triggered. This way you will be able after that to go on to the next orgasm without having to wait for your body to regenerate, for there will have been no loss.

If approached appropriately, erotic massage can be very efficient when you want to become more aware and in control of your body and sexuality. Another way of influencing your performance for the better is that it teaches you new ways of pleasure. This can turn you into a master of foreplay. If you understand the body’s pleasure potential from head to toe this will give you the power to make her orgasm more than she’s ever dreamt to. Did you know that women can experience over 20 types of orgasm? No kidding.


In time you will notice a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. These are the type of things that make men feel strong, able and valuable. Being able to please and even overwhelm his partner will change a man’s life in many ways.

Also, massage teaches us a lot about intimacy and connection, about manifesting affection and understanding each other. If you are having relationship issues, you might be surprised how massage will bring the tenderness, passion, empathy and protection she’s longing for. You can either bring her along so you can have a couple massage together. Why not each of you be massaged separately and share your experience afterwards. Tao massage salon in Bucharest offers services for both men and women.

Furthermore, you can then massage each other at home. Many couples coming here at Tao have confessed that massage (both at the salon and at home) has solved many issues and even saved their relationship when it was about to collapse.

For you

However, life isn’t all about the couple relationship. So here’s some of the effects erotic massage will have only for you. Evidently, it is a wonderful way to relax – physically, mentally and emotionally. Relaxation may not seem like such a big deal, but it is essential to our body’s health and our psychological well-being. Also, experiencing pleasure is proven to be regenerating for the body and brain. The relaxation-pleasure combo provided by erotic massage will enhance your focus, your will power, your efficiency, self-confidence and so on.

These effects you can observ immediately after the massage session, till you feel tensed and tired again, but also on the long run. Making massage a part of your life, having weekly sessions, you will notice that in time all these dimensions are gradually enhanced till they settle on a constant higher level.

Also feel good or not?

So whether you’re single or involved, erotic massage is an answer to many of the day to day issues. And who wouldn’t want to enjoy life more?