Awaken your senses with Tantra massage


An oriental philosophy

Tantra is a spiritual process attached to Hinduism. It is a philosophical quest that aims at a state of harmony and awakening by practicing sensory introspection. Sexuality is only one of the means used to reach it. Tantra massage is above all a way to raise the sexual energy.

Drawn from the wisdom of India, Tantra massage brings a breath of fresh air and spirituality to our   world. Tantra massage allows you to become aware of all parts of your body. Out of the control of the mind, far from the automatic gestures and behaviors of everyday life, without judgment or projection in order to better feel all the sensations and to circulate our vital energy.

Tantra massage stimulates the body and the mind

Tantra massage aims to rejuvenate, improve and develop self-awareness. It stimulates both the body and the mind and is a powerful tool for personal and spiritual development. Tantra massage unlocks tensions and emotional knots. It energizes, harmonizes and reveals the vital force that is in us.

Tantra massage vibrates the whole body, from head to toe, and it is the body as a whole that is transcended. It provides extreme physical pleasure and brings a sense of ecstasy to the soul. It awakens our faculty to exist fully in the present.

The benefits of Tantra massage are many. Tantra massage improves your blood circulation, flexibility and mobility of your joints. It can soothe many common diseases such as those related to stress, muscle contractions, aches and pains and even anxiety and depression.

Rediscover touch and sensuality

Tantra massage is ideal for men and women who need or want to boost their libido, to circulate their sexual energy, to reconnect with their sensuality and rediscover touch. For couples who already share moments of intimacy, Tantra massage is a precious ally that can serve as a preamble for a romantic moment where we forget for a time the outside world.

Subdued lights, scented candles and hot oil, these are the ingredients of a perfect Tantra massage. This and professional masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra is what you find at a professional Tantra massage salon.  In this place filled with calm, the exchange of energy passes through the naked body.

Tantra massage is more than a simple relaxation massage. Although, at first glance, it does not seem to differ from a classical massage, Tantra massage has nothing comparable. Every inch of the body is massaged for long minutes. You rediscover your body and all the sensuality it releases. The masseuse will awake your senses. You feel transported into the present moment, into pure pleasure and delight.

Tantra massage means weaving bonds with oneself, with the other, with everything. Tantra massage is a way of enlightenment that allows us to develop a high level of consciousness in our daily life in all aspects of our life, to integrate the feminine and masculine energies inside us, to regenerate and especially to feel the original love.

To be here and now, to learn to live in harmony with oneself and others, to see the sacred in us, to awaken our senses…