Discover Tantra Massage



Tantra Massage is a different kind of massage, it is more sensual and esoteric. It is also relaxing and it’s about being pampered by professional hands. You should know that is not about being intimate with the masseuse, even though most people imagine an erotic massage with happy ending. This unique massage has nothing to do with intercourse or any other sexual services. In Tantra sexual stimulation is a part, but it is not the real purpose. It is not primarily about an unspeakably great orgasm, it’s about learning to awake and control the sexual energy, learn more about your body.

The philosophy behind Tantra

The philosophy of Tantra comes from India and is more than 2000 years old. Here, the human is seen as part of a larger whole, as part of the universe and its forces. The Tantra massage is a connection between spirituality and materiality. Through this massage the sexual energy should be awakened and used.

What exactly is a Tantra massage?

The classic massage usually relieves tension and blockages. This is not different with the Tantra massage, but this is about more. It’s about new sensory perceptions, about the unity of body and mind, and yes, about ecstasy and orgasms. The body is celebrated, so to speak, it is given a very special attention.

Discover this wonderful massage

In a professional Tantra massage, there is always an introductory conversation. The recipient can determine beforehand what he does not want during the massage and which areas should be left out. After this preliminary discussion, the recipient of the massage should try to relax, arrive and build confidence to the masseuse. It’s about the fact that both feel comfortable and can engage each other.

The masseuses are specialized in the art of Tantra. They will use on your naked body warm oil, to amplify the relaxation and their expert hands will offer you delicate, sensual touches all over your body, from head to toe. The professional masseuse will guide you through the session, will teach you how to breathe in order to control the sexual energy and help you channel it from the base of the spine up to the crest of the head.

The movements are done in a slow rhythm so that both the masseuse and the receptor can focus on the next touch and movement, on every sensation that is perceived by the body. Due to the slow, stimulating massage techniques the desire rises slowly. The body in its entirety, from head to toe, is thoroughly pampered and stimulated. The aim is a state of highest energy, a whole body sense of pleasure, which is perceived as ecstasy.

Tantra massage offers new pleasures and control of the sexual energy

Through this massage you get to discover and experience a new kind of arousal. Not fast and targeted and limited to a small part of the body in terms of stimulation, but to the whole body, slowly and steadily, the desire is built. A lust that is related to energy and mental sensations. You discover a world of pleasure and well-being.